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A Midsummer Lights Relay

Winthrop/Deer Island, MA, June 19, 2004

runners listed in order of legs run

Thanks MWRA, REI, Red Bull, Muffin Town

A Midsummer Lights Relay

A Midsummer Lights Relay

Deer Island, Winthrop/Boston Harbor

A relay race that started at sunset and finished at sunrise through the shortest night of the year in teams of up to ten runners over a 3-mile loop starting at the top of the highest hill on the island.

No fractional laps: between 8:27 pm Friday to 5:10 am Saturday

Thick Fog


  1. Revere Track Club: 22 laps, Ryan Burke, Sam Ros, John Mitchell, Bret Parent, Pat King, Amanda Angell, Bill Melchionno, 66 miles
  2. Winthrop: 22 laps, Art Gray, Jamie Crowley, Tara Crowley, Warren MacPhail, Terry Valesquez, Jay Silva, Paul Henessey,  Gus Foley, 66 miles
  3. Greater Boston Track Club: 22 laps, Russ Miller, Kit Wells, Nicole Robichaud, Bob Pomeray, Tiffany Thompson, Ozon Kandamo, Cynthia Hastings, Missy Mirabile, Rob Mirabile, 66 miles
  4. Tea Vicars, 20 laps, Steve Hart, Brett Mulder, Alex Luther, Chris Hart, Suzanne Matson, Hillary Ablon, Kat Vroman, Julie Torra, Gareth Benson, Sarah Benson, 60 miles.
  5. Mighty Mush, Winthrop, 9 laps, Hattie Derderian, Jane Derderian, Kevin Sena, Steff Gaucher, Cullan Riley, 27 miles
  6. Left overs: 5 laps, Tom Walker, Ed Coda, Tom Derderian, 15 miles