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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop, MA, June 12, 2004

A fierce hill workout followed

Thanks to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Deer Island Weekly 2

Deer Island Weekly 2.65 miles

No entry fee, every Sat 10 am except after the A Midsummer Lights Relay on Friday June 18th that runs from Sunset to Sunrise.

See coolrunning calendar to enter. (exquisite black cotton t-shirts with no advertising)


  1. Brad Kozol, Greater Boston Track Club, 15:57
  2. Gus Foley, BAA, 17:59
  3. Missy Mirabile, Greater Boston Track Club, 21:52
  4. Fredrica Introne, Somerville, 22:30
  5. Peter Christopher, Winthrop, 22:32
  6. Art Gray, Winthrop, 22:33
  7. Tom Derderian, Greater Boston Track Club, 22:33
  8. Aubrey Gray, Winthrop, 23:32