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Marsh Post "U.S. Blues" 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, July 1, 2004

Overall Results

Amercian Legion Marsh Post

Amercian Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts


Hosted by the workingman's "Somerville Striders Athletic Club"


One of his students must have heaved a pint of Smithwick’s at him after summer school today...cause who runs 5.2165 miles when everyone else knows we only do the 2.6 miler on the 1st Thursday in July…geez what are we going to do with Brendan's been awhile since he won a race and now he goes and does it again tonight in the 5.2165 er' :>)

It's only been three weeks since the inaugural Marsh Post "Thick As A Brick" Triathlon and  folks from far and wide are clamoring for another one...yup those who didn't do it...the 1st time now want another one has been scheduled for August 5, 2004--same bat station same bat channel!!

Well the summer is flying by...already into July and it won't be long until we close up the summer home and head back to the real home--Somerville, MA...if we stay away to long things get oh so running hum drum in S-Town and we can't let that happen:>)

5.2165 Miler:


1. Brendan McWilliams     Arlington, MA        35:37   KK



2.6 Miler:


Betsy Ross Division:


1. Maria Van Wagenberg    Cambridge, MA    18:30

2. Michelle McAndrew        Nashua, NH         19:26  SSAC
3. Terry Shipley                 Medford, MA         20:13
4. Allison Jahn                   Brookline, MA      21:23

5. Anne-Marie Shipley        Medford, MA        21:44

6. Colleen Marinelli             Marlborough, MA  21:54

7. Sue Driscoll                   Boston, MA          23:14  SSAC

8. Jessica Snow                 Sterling, MA         24:18

9. Elena Jacubiak              Arlington, MA        24:19  SSAC

10. Kerstin Johnson           Somerville, MA       24:24

11. Kristin Baundanza        Arlington, MA        26:15

12. Jessie Rich                  Essex, MA           27:40




Sam Adams Division:


1. Joshua Gordon             Boston, MA         13:54  B.A.A.
2. Simon Keller                Somerville, MA     14:44  B.A.A.

3. Ryan McCalmon           Medford, MA        14:52

4. Timothy Gay                Allston, MA          15:04

5. Jack McCallum            Provincetown, MA  15:22

6. Todd Harrington           Key West, FLA      16:05
7. Mike Lilly                     Allston, MA           17:28

8. Larry Driscoll               Boston, MA           17:58  USACFRF

9.  Todd Hutchinson         Stoneham, MA       18:00  SSAC

10. Neil Cullen                 Cambridge, MA      18:08

11. Jay Holland                Newton, MA           18:33

12. Noel Robinson   Kilcock, Co. Kildare, IRE  18:44  SSAC

13. Eoin McWilliams  Dunmore, Co. Kilkenny IRE  19:36  KK

14. Paul Watson             Cambridge, MA         20:40  SSAC

15. Steve LaRonde           Quincy, MA             20:48

16. Jim Dell'Ano               Woburn, MA            20:50  SSAC

17.  Sammy Voolich         Somerville, MA        21:29

18.  Mike Avery                Somerville, MA        22:19  SFDRT

19. Mark Deaguero           Weymouth, MA       22:36

20. Jonathan Baundanza   Arlington, MA          22:48
21. Daniel Langathal         Cambridge, MA        23:57

22. Tom Kirchofer             Cambridge, MA        23:58

23. Elvis Bird                    Franklin, MA           24:43  SSAC
24. Tony LaRosa              Wilmington, MA       25:06

25. Christopher Snow        Sterling, MA           25:36

26. Brian Poli                    Lynn, MA               25:53  SSAC
27. Charlie LaRosa            Revere, MA            46:00  SSAC





1. Andrew LaRosa          Wilmington, MA        25:01  SSAC FT
2. Brendan LaRosa         Wilmington, MA       31:55   SSAC FT

3. Justin LaRosa            Wilmington, MA        32:14  SSAC FT
4. Jonathan LaRosa        Wilmington, MA        45:45  SSAC FT



KK = Kilkenny Kats

SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club

USACFRF = USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Team

B.A.A. = Boston Athletic Association
SFDRT = Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
SSAC FT = Somerville Striders Athletic Club Farm Team