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Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler

Worcester, MA, July 19, 2004

Overall Results

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park
Ely Street

Worcester, Massachusetts 01609



Hosted by the Castle Hill Park Runners


Well what happened tonight is what is supposed to happen in a park....kid's playing hoop, kid's on the swingsets and adults trying to hold back father time as best as possible with some running:>)


The Inaugeral Running of the Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler took place tonight and it was encouraging to see folks show up to support this new weekly race that is now part of the Central Mass running scene!! Forever hold your peace Central Massachusetts:>)

The RD, that is me is so excited about this new venture that I plan to host a kid's race within the park prior to one of the upcoming Monday night races to further promote Castle Hill Park in a manner that it should be promoted--stay tuned:>)

Thanks to all that participated this evening....the support is appreciated!!



1. Karla Walter              Leicester, MA          23:07

2. Philomena Keeley      Everett, MA             23:09

3. Johanna Grant           Medford, MA            24:10

4. Frances Perkins        Worcester, MA        24:17

5. Patricia Wood           Sterling, MA             27:09




1. Todd Cesere            Worcester, MA          18:09

2. Paul Sutliff               West Roxbury, MA    20:02   PRC

3. David Rushford         Worcester, MA          22:00   CMS

4. Jim Whittemore        Leominster, MA         26:05  SSAC

5. Buddy Collyer          Worcester, MA          26:06  SSAC



CMS= Central Mass Striders

PRC= Parkway Running Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club