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Marsh Post Duathlon II & Sammy Voolich Tribute 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, July 15, 2004

Overall Results

American Legion Marsh Post

American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


hosted by that pesky Somerville Strider Athletic Club

Great night down on the farm ..that classic biggie the "Sugarbowl 5M" was tonight and sometimes the troops can desert you for something different in the summertime and you really can't blame em'..but we still had enough of em' to make the post race BBQ a warm and cozy affair this evening....and to be quite honest....ole PC's troops are always there not just for the freebie ones:>)

Might as well throw around a few thanks you's....Jerry Shine took over the grilling duties tonight and did a fine job...heard a few snickers behind his back that they hoped he cooked a burger half as good as "grand dad" Charlie LaRosa....and from the looks of the till and the empty hamburger bin..Jerry was right on the mark so thanks Jerry!! 

And the final thanks goes to everyone who competed....some pretty good battles out there well as some just plain great runs..except for Rich Kilburn who gets slower and slower every year..and there is absoultely nothing anyone can do about it:>)..he registered as Ricardo Kilburn but we have outed him and now he is in big trouble:>)

There really never is a final with I might as well pitch next weeks Big Man Run sold out today but I have decided to add 25 more slots and a few have already been taken...never can have enough Big Men & great gals in the same place at the same time:>)

Women Volunteers still needed...all apply within:


Marsh Post Duathlon II
*2.6M-Run  5.2M-Bike  2.6M-Run*


The Bikettes:


1. Claire Murphy         Needham, MA            1:01:18

2. Eileen Cauley         Salem, MA                 1:03:02

3. Carla Happel          Wakefield, MA          1:03:05
4. Lisa Mancini           North Reading, MA     1:16:1523

5. Kathleen Daley       Jamaica Plain, MA      1:20:11


The Bikers:

1. Conor O'Brien       Boston, MA         45:57   DRC

2. Todd Forsgren     Boston, MA          47:57  DRC

3. Dave Hannon        Newton, MA        48:51   NETT

4. Scott Lundin        Boston, MA          49:29  SSAC

5. Jeff Pomeroy      Stratham, NH      52:14

6. Patrick McVeigh   Waltham, MA      53:09

7. Paul Sutliff        W. Roxbury, MA   54:24  PRC

8. Cam Manning       Montpelier, VT     54:30  SSAC

9. Ray Anair           Royalston, MA       57:31

10. Todd Hutchinson  Arlington, MA    58:59  SSAC

11. Andy Ward         Waltham, MA       59:50

12. Greg Naviloff   Jamaica Plain, MA  1:00:56

13. Jim Dell'Ano      Somerville, MA     1:02:52  SSAC

14. Daniel Langenthal  Cambridge, MA  1:03:49

15. Gary Hampton     Allston, MA          1:04:39  SSAC

16. Rex Palmisano     Wakefield, MA    1:05:07

17. Sammy Voolich    Somerville, MA    1:05:14

18. Joe Aubin           Newton, MA        1:06:45

19. Richard Wammer Knoxsville, TN     1:14:52

20. Bill Sayles          Cambridge, MA    1:20:12

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate:

1. Bib# 284            Whoville             52:53

2. Bib# 44              Mayberry RFD    59:16



Sammy Voolich Tribute 2.6 Miler


The Gals:

1. Bree Tse                     Cambridge, MA           17:01

2. Michelle McAndrew    Somerville, MA           19:54  SSAC

3. Colleen Marinelli         Somerville, MA          21:00

4. Beth Logan                 Brisbane, AU              23:11  SSAC

5. Rebekah Coble           Montpelier, VT            23:32

6. Beverly Zaluk             Somerville, MA           26:40  SSAC


The Guys:

1. Andy Milne            Medford, MA           14:42  CSU

2. Carson Thoreen     Jamaica Plain, MA    14:43

3. Todd Harrington   Cambridge, MA        15:44

4. Ron Curl                Portland, Oregon     16:38  USACFRF

5. Ethan Bagley         Somerville, MA        16:47  SSAC

6. Will Erikson          Cambridge, MA        17:40

7. Jeremy Selwyn     Cambridge, MA        18:36

8. Ryan Geraghty       Cambridge, MA       18:49

9. Paul Watson          Cambridge, MA        20:59 SSAC

10. Mark Deaguro      Weymouth, MA        22:44

11. Mr. Gillis              Somerville, MA       22:48  SFDRT

12. Elvis Bird             Somerville, MA       22:50  SSAC

13. Jerry Shine         Somerville, MA       23:06  SSAC

14. Nick Rosenberg    Newton, MA           23:12

15. Matt Tolsen         Dorchester, MA       25:24

16. Rich Kilburn         Cambridge, MA       26:09  SRR

17. Brian Poli             Lynn, MA                28:02  SSAC

18. Jack Curtin         N. Cambridge, MA    29:54  NMC


SFDRT= Somerville Fire Department Racing Team

PRC= Parkway Running Club

DRC= Dirigo Running Club

NETT= New England Triathlon Team
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union

SRR= Somerville Road Runners
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
NMC= North Medford Club