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Thomas Street Tavern 4 Mile Run

Charlotte, MA, January 22, 2004

Call the Publisher!

Courtesy of the Sharksbite Road Runners

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Thomas Street Tavern 4 Mile Results

Poet and Didn't Know It Run

First of all, let me say that I'm very impressed with the folks who showed up with their poems.  We had a great time reading them to the group at the Tavern.  They were all so good, that I'm going to have them all on the site, but I was especially impressed with Mary Jo's poem that is about, well, me.  Luckily I'm a very secure and thick-skinned person who can take some ribbing (sorry to say that Mary Jo is no longer in the club....only joking).  Steve Graham also came out of nowhere with a poem he composed on a trip to Ashville.  He gets honorable mention for his efforts along with Karen Gueldner for her concise haikus.  I didn't win anything for mine other than the opportunity to hear some great thoughts put to words by other people.  Congratulations to everyone.  The run wasn't too shabby either, as many PR's fell by the wayside.

January 22, 2004

Place Overall


Time Pace  
1 Tim Long 23:34 5:54 PR  
2 Josh Frisk 29:56 7:29 PR  
3 Dani Herring 31:02 7:46  
4 Patrick Farr  31:22 7:51 PR  
5 Erin Trumble 31:50 7:57 PR  
6 Karen Gueldner 33:25 8:21 PR  
7 Nelson May 33:37 8:24 PR  
8 Steve Graham 34:03 8:31  
9 Kevin Vita 34:23 8:36 PR  
10 Karen Flynn 35:38 8:54  
11 Audra Hausser Fast    
12 Pippit Long 41:47 10:27  
13 Mary Jo Arrington (Best Poem!!) 42:04 10:31 PR  
14 Donna Richardson 42:20 10:35 PR