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VFW Logan Post "Klondike Derby" 3.2 Miler

West Somerville, MA, January 15, 2004

The Chilling statistics

 VFW Logan Post "Klondike Derby" 3.2 Miler
 VFW James Logan Post
 1192 Broadway-Teele Square
 West Somerville, Massachusetts 02144
 Hosted by the gregarious and never frosty Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Two Lads from Leinster Province duked it out tonight with the lad hailing from Dunmore, Co. Kilkenny whuppin' the lad from Ahay, Co. Kildare tonight...both tuning up for the upcoming February 5th - Armenian Hustle 3.2 Miler.

A Celebration that will include Armenian food & music and that rare treat that you would only find at a Somerville & Lowell Road Race...belly dancing!!! 

We will be celebrating 9 years of Thursday night running in Somerville, Massachusetts on February 5th, 2004, and from the folks who brought it to ya'll!!!

 Snow Birds:
1. Joanna Lawlor       Athol, MA                   24:40     SSAC
2. Sarah Melville      Boston, MA                  26:55     
 Mountain Men:
1. Brendan McWilliams  Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, IRE  21:07    KK
2. Noel Robinson       Ahay, Co. Kildare, IRE       22:02    SSAC
3. Ronnie LeBlanc      Lynn, MA                     24:44    SSAC
4. Tony LaRosa         Wilmington, MA               24:57    SSAC
5. Charlie LaRosa      Revere, MA                   25:25    SSAC
6. Jerry Shine         Somerville, MA               25:45    SSAC
7. Rocky Brighouse     Cambridge, MA                26:00    SSAC
8. Freddie Kirk        Woburn, MA                   26:49    SSAC
9. Michael Manoogian   Somerville, MA               37:11    SSAC
10. John Manoogian     Somerville, MA               37:18    SSAC
11. Greg Ernst         Weymouth, MA                 40:27    CCAC
 CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
 SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
 KK= Kilkenny Kats