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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop, MA, January 10, 2004

Jan 10th 2004

Thanks to Art Gray, Gus Foley

One Degree of Separation at Deer Island Today

One Degree of Separation at Deer Island Today



The official temperature of one degree Fahrenheit kept today’s field close as all three runners, Cynthia Hastings, Walter Drag, and Tom Derderian ran 25:02 for the 2.65 mile perimeter loop. Ice has formed all around the island in Boston Harbor and artic “smoke” rose from the sea as the moisture from the water met the air and condensed to steam, fog, cloud, or whatever you might call it. Still eider ducks floated in the steamy water looking like hot soup.


The series will continue regardless at 10 am every Saturday morning. If anyone wants to go ten laps the course could be certified as a marathon and used to qualify for Boston. Just let us know well in advance so we can start the process of certification.