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D.A.V. "Feats of Human Strength" 3.219373 Miler

Somerville, MA, December 9, 2004

Overall Results

Newgrange, Co. Meath, Republic of Ireland
Newgrange, Co. Meath, Republic of Ireland

Disabled American Veterans Club

Disabled American Veterans Club

616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

††† Some say that getting Somerville, Massachusetts on to the international road racing map must have been a chore.....well can you imagine the feats of strength it took to build the above creation at Newgrange in Co. Meath, Ireland!!

The guide that greets you inside this neolithic era structure informs you that it took 5 generations of people to build Newgrange...thats a chore:>)


†††† We had a few modern day feats of strength this evening with Big Bad Chris Shaffer breaking the 20 minute barrier...and the Winningest Woman In Somerville Road Racing History, Michelle McAndrew racking up another win...breaking the 20 minute barrier at our Thursday Night Race isn't quite up there with Roger Bannisterís breaking the 4 minute barrier in the Mile...but it did get Chris a free Harpoon beer tonight and like a true gentleman he passed it onto the race director:>)

This crowd that the RD surrounds himself with really knows how to take care of him:>)



The Women:


1. Michelle McAndrew     Somerville, MA         23:03  SSAC

2. Kersten Johnson         Somerville, MA         27:47  SSAC

3. Colleen Marinelli         Somerville, MA         28:57

4. Sandra Peterson         Somerville, MA         32:02  SSAC

5. Barbara Shipley          New City, NY           33:07  DCC

6. Teresa Shipley           Seneca Falls, NY      33:08  SSAC

7. Ann Marie Shipley      Seneca Falls, NY      33:09  SSAC

8. Elena Jacubiak           Arlington, MA            33:10  SSAC

9. Amy Williams            Somerville, MA          33:11  SSAC


The Men:


1. Chris Shaffer           Groton, MA           19:33  USACFRF

2. Todd Hutchinson     Stoneham, MA       21:12  SSAC

3. Paul Hennessey      Lynn, MA              21:31  LAC

4. Neil Cullen              Cambridge, MA      21:59  SSAC

5. Tim Moore               Winthrop, MA       22:26

6. Jeremy Selwyn        Cambridge, MA     23:17  SSAC

7. Matzi Nueber           Boston, MA          23:55  SSAC

8. Cam Manning          Montpelier, VT       23:04  SSAC

9. Mike Fitzgerald        Lynn, MA              24:24  LAC

10. Bob Nesson          Somerville, MA       24:27  SSAC

11. Charlie LaRosa      Revere, MA            24:32  SSAC

12. Jerry Shine            Somerville, MA       25:22  SSAC

13. Paul Watson         Cambridge, MA      27:20  SSAC

14. Mark Wolfgang       Watertown, MA     27:21  SSAC


LAC= Lynn Athletic Club

USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

DCC= Dellwood Country Club