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D.A.V. "Merry Christmas" 5.15 Km

Somerville, MA, December 23, 2004

Overall Results

Sandra Peterson and Mike Butler
Sandra Peterson and Mike Butler


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)

616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145


Hosted by the "jolly" Somerville Striders Athletic Club


     East meets West tonight as our good friends, Mike Butler & Tony L. from the Empire One Running Club and western Massachusetts joined in on the fun this evening...Mike Butler capped his second win ever in a road race and similar to centuries old medieval custom the Somerville Striders Athletic Club gave up one of its most prized members-Sandra Peterson as his dowry for such an incredible feat of athleticism!!


     And just off the "Somerville Telegraph" presses...Colleen Marinelli has been inducted into the SSAC sorority...a very late night meeting of the SSAC fraternity on a unanimous ballot has found room for her...she cooks, bakes, smiles a lot, just ran the Baystate Marathon, is a professional and drinks beer...all would say an easy choice:>)


"Merry Christmas" from The Big Fella!!



Lady Elves:


1. Marie Kemp              Jackson, MS            25:11  SSAC

2. Theresa Shipley        Medford, MA            27:39  SSAC

3. Colleen Marinelli        Somerville, MA         28:43  SSAC

4. Anne Marie Shipley   Medford, MA            28:46  SSAC

5. Kerstin Johnson        Somerville, MA         29:09  SSAC

6. Sandra Peterson       Somerville, MA         32:08  SSAC


Men Elves:


1. Mike Butler           Springfield, MA           21:17  EORC

2. Paul Hennessey    Lynn, MA                  21:40  LAC

3. Todd Hutchinson   Stoneham, MA           21:51  SSAC

4. Matzi Nueber        Boston, MA               23:49  SSAC

5. Jeremy Selwyn     Cambridge, MA          23:51  SSAC

6. Charlie LaRosa     Revere, MA                24:25  SSAC

7. Kevin Christian      Dorchester, MA         28:11  SSAC

8. Jerry Carchedi      Needham, MA            28:12 

9. Jim DuPont          Raynham, MA             29:30  SSAC

10. Jerry Shine          Somerville, MA           29:31  SSAC

11. Tony L.              Agawam, MA              29:33   EORC

12. Brian Poli           Lynn, MA                    37:29  SSAC



EORC= Empire One Running Club

LAC= Lynn Athletic Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club