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Lazy Days of Summer Buffalo Run 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, August 5, 2004

Overall Results

"70-year-young" Jack Curtin relaxes with a well-earned beverage after the race.

American Legion Marsh Post

American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


Hosted by the home on the range Somerville Striders Athletic Club


Yup we had buffalo burgers tonight...and in a couple of weeks we will be having bangers and blood puddin'!!  Some thought goes into these Thursday night runs you know...anyone can have a run..NOT everyone can make it into something SPECIAL!!!

Just take a look at Jack Curtin of North Cambridge, MA and that smile of his.....70+ strong, running since Lyndon Johnson was President and all he could say post race was...."can you imagine, buffalo burgers at a race--buffalo burgers!!!"


Well gotta go...time to go have a beer out on the deck and start to ponder some more foolishness for a Thursday Night!!!


The Cows:

1. Bree Tse                  Toronto, Canada        16:33

2. Helen Hendrickson  Somerville, MA           19:01  TE

3. Marie Christian        Jackson, MS               19:55  SSAC

4. Caitlin Anderson     Cambridge, MA           21:05

5. Colleen Marinelli      Marlborough, MA        22:03

6. Moira Lundell            Needham, MA            22:18

7. Sara Hughes            Needham, MA             22:19

8. Kerstin Johnson       Somerville, MA           22:20

9. Terry Shipley            Medford, MA               22:21

10. Sue Driscoll            Boston, MA                22:57  SSAC

11. Robin Cain             Medford, MA               23:10  TE

12. Beth Logan           Brisbane, AU                23:25  SSAC

13. Rebekah Coble   Montpelier, VT              24:50

14. Beverly Zaluk         Somerville, MA           27:50  SSAC

15. Diahan Milewski   Spencer, MA               30:27  SSAC

16. Amanda Whittemore  Leominster, MA     30:28  SSAC



The Bulls:


1. Chris Blaydon         Boston, MA                14:20

2. Carson Thoreen     Jamaica Plain, MA     14:33

3. David Escott            Winston-Salem, NC   14:38

4. Brendan McWilliams  Arlington, MA        16:24  SSAC

5. Jeff Silviera             Watertown, MA          16:30

6. Will Erickson            Cambridge, MA        17:54

7. Neil Cullen                Cambridge, MA        18:00  SSAC

8.Tom Kirchofer           Cambridge, MA         18:12

9. William Brown         Pelham, NH                18:17

10. Larry Driscoll         Boston, MA                18:34  USACFRF

11. Rocky Brighouse  Watertown, MA           18:36  SSAC

12. Jeremy Selwyn     Cambridge, MA           19:42

13. Kevin Christian     Quincy, MA                  19:54  SSAC

14. Charlie LaRosa    Revere, MA                  19:07
15. Tony LaRosa        Wilmington, MA           19:08  SSAC

16. Jim Dell'Ano         Somerville, MA              19:09  SSAC

17. Sammy Voolich    Somerville, MA            20:47 

18. Elvis Bird              Franklin, MA                  22:59  SSAC

19. Cam Manning      Montpelier, VT              24:51  SSAC

20. Brian Poli             Lynn, MA                        25:34  SSAC

21. Jack Curtin          North Cambridge, MA   29:13  SSAC 


?? Chris Porter      No Town Given      No Bib# Put Down


TE = Team Envision

SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club

USACFRF = USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation