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Castle Hill Monday Night 3 Miler

Worcester, MA, August 30, 2004

Overall Results

Eddy Padilla, North High School Track Coach Angel Nieves & Track Team Captain Hector Padilla
Eddy Padilla, North High School Track Coach Angel Nieves & Track Team Captain Hector Padilla

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street-off Queen Street

Worcester, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club


WOW 21 Last Week, 23 This Week...that deserves a Double WOW!!!

Loads of great stuff happening this week..the Kasper Family joined in ...North High School Track Team Captain Hector Padilla, teammate Eddy Padilla and coach Angel Nieves also along with a clambox full of Central Mass Striders.....

Hector & Eddy Padilla hail from Main South as do some of the gals who have run past Monday Night Races...which just goes to show you that if you build it they will come:>)

Next weeks Monday night race at Castle Hill Park will be a special one..Mayor Tim Murray and his wife Tammy have offered up some of their valuable time to join us for the 1st Worcester Labor Day "Mayor's Run"
. This Special Event will start at 6:30 P.M. and it will conclude with a complimentary if your plans for Labor Day are bare bones...join us and you will be amoungst friends:>)



The Women:


1. Karla Walter              Leicester, MA                22:00  CHPR

2. Kathleen Kasper        Worcester, MA              22:24  CMS

3. Susan Kasper           Worcester, MA              23:17   CHPR

4. Dorothy Fennell          Worcester, MA              31:53  WYMCA RT

5. Cherlye Cunningham   Winthrop, MA               31:54   CHPR



The Men:


1. Josh Flanagan             Worcester, MA            18:50  WW

2. Hector Padilla              Worcester, MA            19:45  NHS

3. Pat Bell                      Worcester, MA             19:48  VORTEX

4. Steve Prouty               Spencer, MA                19:56  CMS

5. Damien Nevorlet           Worcester, MA            20:41  CHPR

6. Stephen Hebenstreit     Dudley, MA                 20:56  CMS

7. Peter Sulski                 Worcester, MA           21:23   CHPR

8. Garrick Harmel            Lilburn, Georgia           21:29

9. Eddy Padilla               Worcester, MA             22:00  NHS

10. Joseph Carpenter       Leicester, MA              22:17

11. Steve Sapunka          Worcester, MA             22:20  CMS

12. Art French                Shrewsbury, MA           22:40  NMC

13. Glenn Szalay            Charlton, MA                23:21

14. Bill Kasper                Worcester, MA             23:42

15. Chris Kanaracus        Worcester, MA             25:06  CMS

16. Jim Whittemore         Leominster, MA            25:13  SSAC

17. Angel Nieves             Worcester, MA             29:04  NHS

18. Frank Russell            Grafton, MA                 29:24




CSM= Central Mass Striders

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

WYMCA RT= Worcester YMCA Racing Team

CHPR= Castle Hill Park Runners

NHS= North High School

NMC= North Medford Club
WW= Wheelworks