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Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler

Worcester, MA, August 2, 2004

Overall Results

Barbara McManus, women's winner of the Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler
Barbara McManus, women's winner of the Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street

Worcester, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the World Class Somerville Striders Athletic Club


Last week it was Central Massachusetts running icon  Art French joining us and this week it is Central Massachusetts running superstar Barbara McManus as seen above joining us along with Art and the gang..we are a small gang right now but soon to be a huge mass of runners and walkers all wanting to get in on the action!!


Folks won't believe me but one get's more cheers running down Main South in Worcester, MA than one would get anywhere in U.S.A. suburbia..the suburbians just want you to get the hell out of the way--in Main South undoubtledly a blend of nationalities seen no where else the residents are cheering you on and on and on:>)


And last but not least...who is this Todd Cesere--three straight wins and he was last heard mumbling as he left Castle Hill Park tonight "I can't be beat, I won't be beat"...time will tell cause Central Massachusetts has a load of running icons and superstars......and sooner or later one of those male superstars may take him on:>)


The Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler will continue on until the last Monday in September you fence sitters and vacationers time to get us on your running schedule!!!


The Women:


1. Barbara McManus       Worcester, MA        18:18   CMS

2. Karla Walter                Leicester, MA         22:20

3. Frances Perkins          Worcester, MA        26:02

4. Philomena Keeley        Everett, MA            27:07

5. Johanna Grant            Medford, MA            27:09


The Men:


1. Todd Cesere           Worcester, MA        17:34

2. Art French              Shrewsbury, MA      22:57  CMS

3. Jim Whittemore      Leominster, MA       25:07  SSAC

4. Buddy Collyer         Worcester, MA        25:08  SSAC

5. Keith Winstanley    Franklin, MA           26:35


CMS= Central Mass Striders

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club