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Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler

Worcester, MA, August 23, 2004

Overall Results

Castle Hill Park - A Runners Paradise :>)
Castle Hill Park - A Runners Paradise :>)


Castle Hill Park

Ely Street - off Queen Street

Worcester, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the migrant Somerville Striders Athletic Club


Wow...21 runners today and a spectator!!

That great running wordsmith Peter Wallan of the Hockamock Swamp Rat (if you don't subscribe--you should) wasn't kiddin' when he said don't bet against ole PC from turning Castle Hill Park into a Central Massachusetts running paradise!! Anyone can pop into a made for prime time location and have some success...not everyone can pop into virgin running territory and grow tasty tomatoes!!


Anyway, the picture above says it all...runners in Central Massachusetts have found a new place to hang their sneaks during the warm months of May-September...and then have the opportunity to use all those hardcore Monday Night Runs for the biggie every October at the Castle Hill Park 3 Miler







1. Annie Gorski            Worcester, MA           19:33   CMS

2. Jen Wilcox               Worcester, MA           20:08   CMS

3. Karla Walter             Leicester, MA             21:17

4. Kathleen Kasper       Worcester, MA           22:01  CMS

5. Caitlin Dwyer           Worcester, MA            24:09  CMS

6. Susan Lauder          Leicester, MA              26:51

7. Dorothy Fennell       Worcester, MA            31:29

8. Janice Fountain       Worcester, MA            35:27  CMS




1. Todd Cesere              Worcester, MA         17:48

2. Damien Nevorlet         Worcester, MA         19:25

3. Steve Prouty              Spencer, MA           19:31  CMS

4. Stephen Hebenstreit   Dudley, MA              20:03  CMS

5. Sam Stratton            Worcester, MA         20:15

6. Peter Sulski              Worcester, MA         20:58

7. David Rushford          Worcester, MA         21:19  CMS

8. Ken Day                   Dudley, MA              22:10  CMS

9. Art French                Shrewsbury, MA       22:45  NMC

10. Jim Whittemore       Leominster, MA        23:54  SSAC

11. Garrick Harmel        Lilburn, Georgia        24:13

12. Ken Black              Worcester, MA         24:16

13. Glenn Szalay         Charlton, MA             24:28


NMC= North Medford Club

CMS= Central Mass Striders

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club