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Marsh Post "Endless Summer" 2.6 & 5.2 Milers

Cambridge, MA, August 19, 2004

Overall Results

Woman nor Man can live by running and walking alone!!
Woman nor Man can live by running and walking alone!!

American Legion Marsh Post

American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, MA 02138


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

It is almost getting to be that time when the family closes up the summer house on the beach and heads back home for the school season..anyone remember those times??? I do cause I spent all my summers back in the late 60's & 70's on Nantasket Beach at the family summer house and  it feels like that down at the American Legion Marsh Post with the 2004 summer about to end shortly and the SSAC about to be getting ready to head back home to Somerville for the 2004-2005 school season:>)


Anyway, another groovy night at the beach a pleasant surpise visit from past and present members of the Browne, Buckingham & Nichols High School Track Team which is coached by Somerville High School  Lady Highlander Track Team Coach Charlie O'Rourke...Charlie just can't get enough teams to coach:>)


Our summer running series at the American Legion Marsh Post has really evolved into a mixed bag of folks participating....the greatest being the families and kid's that have joined in..a real rarity with weekly events and one we are happy to be part of:>)


5.2 Miles:


The Ladies With Really Nice Legs:


1. Anne-Marie Shipley           Medford, MA         46:54


The Men With Hairy Legs:


1.  Gary Hampton             Allston, MA          44:15


2.6 Miles:



The Ladies With Really Nice Legs:


1. Joan Bohlke       Somerville, MA         16:01     GBTC
2. Bree Tse             Toronto, Canada      16:38

3. Amy Forwana     Cambridge, MA        18:39

4. Tory Brisnahan   Lincoln, MA               18:40

5. Kayla Snyderman  Winchester, MA     18:44

6. Marie Kemp        Quincy, MA                19:19  SSAC

7. Nicole Brighouse  Watertown, MA       20:08  SSAC

8. Meredith Benton  Somerville, MA         20:29

9. Debbie Sabath     Cambridge, MA       21:21

10. Mary Martin        Boston, MA               22:03  CRC

11. Colleen Marinelli  Marlborough, MA    22:11

12. Terry Shipley       Medford, MA             23:06

13. Patricia French     Somerville, MA       23:12 

14. Sue Driscoll         Boston, MA              23:46  SSAC

15. Elise Whittemore  Leominster, MA      23:50  SSAC

16. Beth Logan         Brisbane, AU            24:09  SSAC

17. Elena Jacubiak   Arlington, MA            25:08  SSAC

17. Ellen Parker        Watertown, MA         25:47  SSAC

18. Amy Williams     Somerville, MA          26:25  SSAC

19. Gillian Gould      Dublin, IRE                  26:39

20. Holly Vestal        Watertown, MA          29:32

21. Amanda Whittemore  Leominster, MA  30:46  SSAC

22. Jen Brown          Shrewsbury, MA         33:00

23. Dianah Milewski   Spencer, MA           33:01



The Men With Hairy Legs:


1. Chris Simpson       Somerville, MA        15:08   GBTC

2. Chris Hussey          West Roxbury, MA  15:17   PRC

3. Jim Murrett              Cambridge, MA       16:00  ARC

4. Jeff Silviera            Watertown, MA         16:32

5. David Escott       Winston-Salem, NC    16:37

6. Brendan McWilliams  Arlington, MA       16:45  SSAC

7. Graham Bustard     Somerville, MA         17:40

8. Neil Cullen               Cambridge, MA        17:45  SSAC

9. Todd Hutchinson    Stoneham, MA          17:47  SSAC

10. Bob Blake             Needham, MA           17:50  SSAC

11. John Kalis             Somerville, MA          17:59

12. Tony LaRosa        Wilmington, MA         18:05  SSAC

13. Ian Butterfield        Shrewsbury, MA        18:27

14. Ben Kuritzkes       New Haven, CT         18:52  BBN

15. Jonathan Lombardi  Brighton, MA           19:06

16. Larry Driscoll         Boston, MA                19:18  USACFRF

17. Bob Murrett          Norfolk, VA                  19:20

18. Toby Wiseman    Much Hadham, ENG   20:04

19. Rocky Brighouse  Watertown, MA          20:15  SSAC

20. John Hickey          Arlington, MA              20:45

21. Jim Dell'Ano         Somerville, MA           20:56  SSAC

22. Ryan Geraughty    Los Angeles, CA        21:20

23. Luke Johnson        Newton, MA                21:28

24. Paul Watson          Cambridge, MA         21:30  SSAC

25. John Nott               Medford, MA                22:14  SSAC

26.Jonathan Baudanza  Arlington, MA         23:00

27. Paul Selker           New Haven, CT.         23:19

28.J.B. Whittemore    Leominster, MA          23:52  SSAC

29. Jim Whittemore     Leominster, MA         23:52  SSAC

30. Greg Menounos    Watertown, MA           25:14  SSAC

31. Gino Rinaldi          Everett, MA                  25:56  SSAC

32. Brian Poli               Lynn, MA                      25:59  SSAC

33. Jon Phelps            Watertown, MA            29:32

34. Paul Starratt           Maynard, MA              32:20

35. Jack Curtin            North Cambridge, MA  32:44  SSAC


SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

CRC= Community Running Club

ARC= ???

BBN= Browne Buckingham & Nichols High School

USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation

GBTC= Greater Boston Track Club

PRC= Parkway Running Club