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DAV Somerville 3.2 Miler

Somerville, MA, April 29, 2004

Overall Results

April 29, 2004

D.A.V. "Somerville 3.2 Miler"

D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)
616 Broadway - Ball Square
Somerville, MA 02145

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Lot of pizza eaters tonight...when it's free everyone is hungry even the rat cat that lives in the rear of the D.A.V. - it tried to grab the SSAC President- Buddy Collyer's leftovers at about midnight......yup we sometimes hang out that late on Thursday nights:>)

Finally a woman with a little speed showed up tonight...but she is not big on pizza and Harpoon we didn't get to chat with her and find out a little about her, so all I can say is she has a little speed, doesn't eat pizza or drink beer and leaves early!! YAWN

Well it was se la vee (East Somerville spelling)…to the D.A.V. for a bit...we make the move to the Marsh Post for the summer and a welcome it will be on the lookout for the mighty, no that’s that other club...the lovable Somerville Striders AC this summer at the American Legion Marsh Post and come hungry and thirsty…cause we like to eat and drink post race and have a few chuckles…especially on those warm summer evenings along the Charles River:>) Bring your own beach blanket and sun tan lotion:>) 
- I'll leave you with just this and not our entire schedule for the next 13 years and the wife's grocery list to boot!!


1. Megan Novak           Boston, MA            21:34
2. Michelle McAndrew   Somerville, MA       24:50  SSAC
3. Jen Wright                Newton, MA           26:09
4. Patricia French         Somerville, MA       26:17  SSAC
5. Kerstin Johnson        Somerville, MA        29:14
6. Danielle Sheehan      Boston, MA            29:50
7. Kim Prudhomme       Saugus, MA            29:51
8. Elena Jacubiak         Arlington, MA          30:38  SSAC
9. Beth Logan              Cambridge, MA        30:39


1. Brendan McWilliams      Arlington, MA      20:03    KK
2. Todd Hutchinson            Stoneham, MA    21:13  SSAC
3. Cam Manning                Somerville, MA    22:20 
4. Jim DuPont                   Raynham, MA     23:06  SSAC
5. Jerry Shine                    Somerville, MA    23:20  SSAC
6. Rocky Brighouse           Watertown, MA    23:30  SSAC
7. Daren Fiske                   Somerville, MA    23:45
8. Tony LaRosa                 Wilmington, MA   24:10  SSAC
9. Charlie LaRosa              Revere, MA          24:33  SSAC
10. Ron LeBlanc                Lynn, MA            24:40  SSAC
11. Freddie Kirk                 Peabody, MA       27:51  SSAC
12. Jim Dell'Ano                 Somerville, MA     29:15  SSAC
13. Brian Poli                     Lynn, MA            34:32  SSAC
14. Jack Curtin                  Cambridge, MA     37:16  NMC

NMC= North Medford Club
KK= Kilkenny Kats
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club