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D.A.V. Somerville 3.2 Miler

Somerville, MA, April 15, 2004

Overall Results



D.A.V. "Somerville 3.2 Miler"

D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)
616 Broadway - Ball Square
Somerville, MA 02145

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Well the dynamic duo of McAndrew/McWilliams won AGAIN this evening and like all other running writers....I could go on and on about those who come in 1st..but I'm not cause we had some other folks tonight doing the boogie woogie around the streets of Somerville ...and most of em' not of the fast twitch muscle type such as Beth Logan, Paul Watson, Sandra Peters, John Nott & John Kirk...some whom almost got lapped by Mr. McWilliams who went under 20 minutes tonight for only the 2nd time but are fun to be with and anyways when was the last time you munched on hamburger pizza and drank a cold beer with one of those fast twitch types????

And unlike ole Papa Clyde who has had more comebacks than Larry Holmes, Brian Poli looks like he is trying hard to become the ole Brian Poli who once beat ole Papa Clyde at the now defunct 1997 Nute Ridge Half Marathon in New Hampshire!!! Here is to BP and his comeback:>)

Well that is all folks...nice to be back in the grand ole U.S.A. after 18 days...they are a mixed bag in support of us over in Europe...but in the end we have to watch out for ourselves (MOHO not a SSAC state-sponsored thought)ůso let's all unite in supporting our good folks over in some of the troubled spots on this earth and equally hope that our leaders on both sides of the political fence make the right decisions!!!

Spring Flowers:

1. Michelle McAndrew     Somerville, MA    23:51    SSAC
2. Kathleen Fidler             Brighton, MA        24:15  
3. Sarah Melville                Boston, MA          28:58
4. Elena Jacubiak             Arlington, MA        28:59   SSAC
5. Beth Logan                    Cambridge, MA    29:07
6. Sue Driscoll                   Boston, MA           31:04   SSAC
7. Patricia French              Somerville, MA      31:44  SSAC
8. Sandra Peters               Somerville, MA     33:29   SSAC

Fall Crabgrass:

1. Brendan McWilliams    Arlington, MA      19:35   SSAC
2. Chris Shaffer                 Groton, MA          20:11  USACFRF
3. Todd Hutchinson           Stoneham, MA     21:57  SSAC
4. Tony LaRosa                 Wilmington, MA   22:39  SSAC
5. Larry Driscoll                  Boston, MA         23:29  USACFRF
6. Cam Manning                 Somerville, MA     23:50
7. John Nott                         Medford, MA        24:59  SSAC
8. Jerry Shine                      Somerville, MA     25:00  SSAC
9. Charlie LaRosa               Revere, MA           25:20  SSAC
10. Paul Watson                  Cambridge, MA    26:31  SSAC
11. Ron LeBlanc                  Lynn, MA                31:45  SSAC
12. John Kirk                        Peabody, MA         33:36  SSAC
13. Freddie Kirk                   Peabody, MA         33:38  SSAC
14. Brian Poli                        Lynn, MA                35:30  SSAC

USACFRF= USA Clydesdale &Filly Racing Federation
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club