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Marsh Post 2.6 Miler In The Dark

Cambridge, MA, September 4, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by those "pesky" Somerville Strider AC'ers The 2nd to last of the 2003 Marsh Post series took place tonight......which means this coming Thursday is the last of 2003 and if you haven't won a Marsh Post race then you haven't accomplished anything cause New England Road Racing was borne at the Marsh Post way, way,way back when the only swoosh one heard was that of men's heads turning at the sight of Betty Grable in a bikini:>)
Our Running Babes:
1. Susie Tully                         Somerville, MA               22:08
2. Patricia French         SSAC        Somerville, MA               22:54
3. Elena Jacubiak                      Arlington, MA                23:35
Our Running Jocks:
1. Paul Hennessey          LAC         Melrose, MA                  16:51
2. Ken McWilliams          KK          Beverly, MA                  17:09
3. Brendan McWilliams      KK          Arlington, MA                17:25
4. Todd Hutchinson                     Arlington, MA                17:44
5. Neil Caesar                         Brooklyn, NY                 18:25
6. Jim DuPont              SSAC        Raynham, MA                  18:39
7. Frankie Keane           IATC        Charlestown, MA              18:45
8. Mark Wolfgang                       Watertown, MA                19:27
9. Nick Rosenberg                      Newton, MA                   20:12
10. Michael Manoogian      SSAC        Somerville, MA               20:14
11. Paul Watson                        Cambridge, MA                21:10
12. John Grant             NMC         Medford, MA                  21:49
13. Phil Keeley            NMC         Everett, MA                  27:04
14. Jack Curtin            NMC         Cambridge, MA                28:59
NMC= North Medford Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
IATC= Irish American Track Club
KK= Kilkenny Kats