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Charles River Weekly 4-mile Fun Run

Cambridge, MA, September 26, 2003


Courtesy of Cambridge Racquet and Fitness Club

Meets at the club, 236 First Street, at 6:00.  
Then we walk to the start line to begin the run.

Joe O'Leary               Medford         28:49
Jon Suber                 Lexington       28:49
Dale Smoak                Somerville      28:51
John Gouzoules            Cambridge       29:05
Shane Sherwood            Winthrop        29:30
Alex Buko                 Boston          29:58 PR
Fernando Santos           Charlestown     30:33
Edy Tan                   Indonesia       31:35
Rudy Rudy                 Indonesia       31:44
Barbara Delutis           Cambridge       32:12
Michael Bourque           Milton          32:51
Bill Allen                                33:33
Jeannine Mathews          Quincy          34:45
Steve Pepe                Bedford         35:39
Mary Galvin               Medford         35:57
Barbara Grandberg         Somerville      41:21
Unknown runner                            41:51
Chris Scarpino            Cambridge       42:35
Kerrin Grace              Somerville      47:20
Jeremy Grace              Somerville      47:20