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Marsh Post Flashlight 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, September 11, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The Brothers McWilliam were in-house tonight...a rarity seeing them all in a row with a pint in their collective hands but we did tonight and a grand sight it was:>)

It's now time to get back into Somerville after a great summer at the Marsh Post and before the carpetbaggers start thinkin' ole Papa Clyde fell asleep again..and to start regaining the mean streets of the "Ville" on Thursday Nights with loads of running and post race camraderie--the two can be done:>)

It's the start of our 4th season down at the Logan Post on September 18th - some said it couldn't be done but it has and we have a whole bunch of new, original and slightly off-beat stuff happenin' sooooo.. Stay tuned. Same Bat Station! Same Bat Channel!.

The Queen's Of Darkness:

1. Michelle McAndrew          SSAC         Hudson, NH         18:50
2. Sarah Melville                          Boston, MA         21:38
3. Stephanie Schroot          SRR          Medford, MA        23:46
4. Patricia French            SSAC         Somerville, MA     25:19
5. Elena Jacubiak                          Arlington, MA      25:21
6. Maureen Donahue                         Cambridge, MA      26:52
7. Katie Calendar                          Cambridge, MA      26:521

The Prince's Of Darkness:

1. Darko Tomic               SSAC          Cambridge, MA      16:09
2. Paul Hennessey            LAC           Lynn, MA           16:23
3. Ken McWilliams            KK            Beverly, MA        16:43
4. Brendan McWilliams        KK            Arlington, MA      17:15
5. Todd Hutchinson                         Arlington, MA      17:30
6. Rocky Brighouse           SSAC          Cambridge, MA      17:40
7. Jimmy Whittemore          SSAC          Leominster, MA     18:39
8. Eoin McWilliams           KK            Kilkenny, Ireland  19:24
9. John Maher                              Arlington, MA      20:19
10. Paul Watson                            Cambridge, MA      20:48
11. Dave Watson                            Boston, MA         21:51
12. Mike Avery               SFDRT         Somerville, MA     22:46
13. Michael Manoogian        SSAC          Somerville, MA     22:46231
14. Brian Poli               SSAC          Lynn, MA           27:50
15. Jack Curtin              NMC           Cambridge, MA      28:38

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
NMC= North Medford Club
SFDRT= Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
KK= Kilkenny Kats
SRR= Somerville Road Runners