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Longmeadow, MA, October 5, 2003

Top 100

115:22M30 to 39ErikNedeau
218:01M19 to 29JasonHewitt
318:07M50 to 59JohnBigos
418:15M50 to 59LarryLitscher
519:00M40 to 49WilliamRowe
619:09M19 to 29AndyMcGuinness
719:20F40 to 49SidneyLerendre
819:45M30 to 39DanSt. Marie
919:57M30 to 39ChipMacelhiney
1020:08M40 to 49TomWhelan
1120:09M30 to 39TimothyLondo
1220:12M19 to 29EricBrown
1320:44M40 to 49BruceRandall
1420:45M40 to 49BobOstrander
1520:50M40 to 49MarkDevlin
1620:51M19 to 29Rich Wood
1720:54M30 to 39Brian Fitzgerald
1821:01M19 to 29NicholasDay
2021:03F19 to 29AlisonBasdekis
2121:04F30 to 39JanetAronson
2221:08M30 to 39P.Bradshaw
2321:13F40 to 49ChrisRogers
2421:18F30 to 39ColleenCummings
2521:22M18 undMaxFitzgerald
2621:30F18 & UndAllisonLandry
2721:46F30 to 39Maura Devlin
2821:48M40 to 49JohnOuellette
2922:00M40 to 49ChrisDonelan
3022:01M19 to 29MattewOrszulak
3122:02M40 to 49DonDeCain
3222:06M40 to 49ChrisSt. George
3322:07M18 & UndChristianBrandrick
3422:10M40 to 49CraigCollins
3522:20F50 to 59BettyQuinn
3622:22M30 to 39TomZukowski
3822:35M40 to 49RayRobidoux
3922:38F40 to 49SusanCrisostomo
4022:48M18 & UndZachAsher
4122:50M18 & UndJustinOrszulak
4223:04M30 to 39JohnGora
4323:10M30 to 39EdDwyer
4423:21M50 to 59DanielRowe
4523:25M30 to 39MattewErikson
4623:30M40 to 49TomNels
4723:35F50 to 59Ann Franczyk
4823:40F30 to 39KristenOndrick
4923:42M19 to 29PatrickHaskell
5023:43F19 to 29NaomiRushing
5123:44M18 & UndGordonMarsh
5423:47M50 to 59DustyHoyt
5523:56F40 to 49BarbaraBosworth
5623:58M40 to 49BarrySolomon
5724:20M40 to 49MikeFrenette
5824:30M40 to 49JimChapdelaine
5924:42M50 to 59Jeffrey Burgess
6024:43F30 to 39JoyGora
6124:45M18 & UndBenMaynard
6224:48F40 to 49JudithGoodwin
6324:56M30 to 39AndrewPerry
6425:00M50 to 59RichardKnurek
6525:05M40 to 49DanielSexton
6625:07M40 to 49RobertDay
6725:10F40 to 49GinaCass
6825:15M30 to 39JohnTyler
6925:33F40 to 49LeslieBannish
7025:39F40 to 49Fran Cameron
7125:51M19 to 29MichaelPoggi
7225:55M18 & UndChrisHaskell
7326:01M40 to 49MikeDusza
7426:33F30 to 39LisaSergentanis
7526:35M60 & OvMarvinHoward
7626:39F18 & UndKaylaPeloquin
7726:41F18 & UndAlexisRogers
7826:42M40 to 49RobertPanetti
7926:51F60 & OvJanicePartyka
8026:56F19 to 29BrianaMessian
8126:57M30 to 39RocketmanYanne
8227:05M19 to 29ToddBanaitis
8327:08F30 to 39ClaudiaPenna
8427:10M30 to 39DanielManseau
8527:11F40 to 49RosemaryLoomis
8627:22F18 & UndAdrienne MarieJones
8727:30F50 to 59ChrisBrownell
8827:38F40 to 49ReneeBrown
8927:48F30 to 39HeatherSamuelson
9028:13M19 to 29MarkRowe
9128:19M18 & UndHunterDender
9228:28M40 to 49DavidHobert
9328:36F40 to 49SallyRaque
9428:37F30 to 39KristineValentini
9528:51F30 to 39RebeccaPowell
9628:59F40 to 49TaraGarcia
9728:59F30 to 39LynnTyler
9829:00F40 to 49BarbaraMagierowski
9929:03F30 to 39PhilippaSiegel
10029:08M30 to 39JeremyTyler
10129:12F40 to 49JaneTheberge
10229:13M40 to 49RobertTheberge
10329:15F40 to 49DanielleMulvey
10429:25F30 to 39LisaLachapelle
10529:36F30 to 39MaggieMacelhiney
10629:46F19 to 29SarahZabek
10729:49M30 to 39TomLachapelle
10829:52M50 to 59StephenKaplan
10929:53M40 to 49JohnAgnew
11030:07F50 to 59MariaMurray
11130:51F40 to 49Maureen Bonavita
11231:05F50 to 59SusanKaplan
11331:10M40 to 49KevinSoucie
11431:33F30 to 39MaryMichaud
11531:45M50 to 59MichaelPatashnick
11631:49F30 to 39AndreaGoldstien
11731:55F40 to 49RevaKleppel
11832:08F40 to 49RaeAnnChase
11932:10F60 & OvDianneBisi
12032:17F19 to 29ChristieNader
12132:19M50 to 59GaryNader
12232:21M30 to 39LeeSmith
12332:46M18 & UndPaulDevlin
12432:51F30 to 39SoniaDemaio
12532:57F19 to 29VanessaWood
12633:00F19 to 29MarybethRajczewski
12733:22F19 to 29HannanKnapp
12834:14M30 to 39PatrickCarbone
12935:15M18 & UndJeff Asher
13035:18F40 to 49CarolMcCarl
13137:12M30 to 39MarkBruno
13237:41M60 & OvBruceKurtz
13337:57F18 & UndAnnaMaziarz
13437:58F18 & UndTaylorLow
13538:00F40 to 49JeanMaziarz
13641:23F30 to 39JillSweeney
13741:24F30 to 39EmilindaRodriguez
13842:12M18 & UndTylerTongue
13942:13M30 to 39SteveTongue
14045:15F50 to 59Mary LouHoyt