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VFW Logan Post 3.2M

Somerville, MA, October 2, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Quiet night down on the farm........with the fella's from Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland-Brother's McWilliams taking 1-2 tonight, no prize money or a free car for winning tonight however Ken does get the distinction of owning the two slowest wins ever in the City of Somerville, Massachusetts, Somerville, New Jersey & Somerville, Texas all put together:>) FYI..Ken is the architect of those fancy Thursday Night course maps we have been circulating around the free world and parts East!!

Next week the western borders of Somerville will be erupting with the highly anticipated running battle between two adversaries going back 20+ years..70 year ole Ted Kuhne of the Somerville Striders AC versus 71 year ole Jack Curtin of the famed North Medford Club..heavy betting has been taking place and all the old Somerville money is on Jack Curtin...however most of those making the bets are unaware that Mr. Curtin hasn't whupped Mr. Kuhne is many moons and if he does on 10/09/03, it will be a true upset!!

Post Race Treats will be the usual down at the VFW Logan Post...cold Harpoon Beer and a "FREE" post race BBQ hosted by the Express Running Club &Somerville Striders Athletic Club:>)

1. Michelle McAndrew           SSAC        Somerville, MA     23:38
2. Shannon O'Neil                          Lexington, MA      25:50
3. Patricia French             SSAC        Somerville, MA     27:48
4. Sherry Gordon               SSAC        Arlington, MA      28:15
5. Elena Jacubiak              SSAC        Arlington, MA      29:43
6. Sara Faccidomo              SSAC        Somerville, MA     30:15

1. Ken McWilliams              KK          Beverly, MA        20:46
2. Brendan McWilliams          KK          Arlington, MA      21:09
3. Todd Hutchinson             SSAC        Stoneham, MA       21:52
4. Jim DuPont                  SSAC        Raynham, MA        22:47
5. Jerry Shine                             Somerville, MA     23:01
6. Jim Whittemore              SSAC        Leominster, MA     23:05
7. Ron LeBlanc                 SSAC        Lynn, MA           23:55
8. Charlie LaRosa              SSAC        Revere, MA         24:19
9. John Nott                   IATC        Medford, MA        25:24
10. Rob Sczupak                BTT         Natick, MA         25:51
11. Michael Manoogian          SSAC        Somerville, MA     27:47
12. Greg Grant                 SSAC        Dorchester, MA     29:21
13. Brian Poli                 SSAC        Lynn, MA           33:31
14. Jack Curtin                NMC         Cambridge, MA      33:51

NMC= North Medford Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
BTT= Boston Triathlon Team
IATC= Irish American Track Club