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VFW Logan Post 3.1236578

W Somerville, MA, October 23, 2003

Overall Results

VFW James Logan Post 1192 Broadway-Teele Square West Somerville, MA 02144

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Chilly night in the "Ville" this evening.....and the fingers writing down the times tonight froze up like the ink in the pen...but ole Papa Clyde who's been runnin' the show on Thoisday Nights in Somerville for many moons now...seems like only yesterday, got everyone's time down including those who sauntered in like it was only a mere spring walk--boy was it chilly this evening

The SSAC "Toys for Tot's" 2003 Christmas Drive is moving along with a few toys being brought in each week...keep it in mind when joining us on any Thursday night leading up to Christmas...and if you do bring a toy then you'll get the run & pizza on ole Papa Clyde...

Next weeks Harpoon Brewery "Oktoberfest Blues Run & BBQ Bash" is closing out today....and it stands to be the "Biggest & Baddest" Thoisday Night Fun Run ever put on in the "Ville" and by ole humble Papa Clyde and his merry band of SSAC'ers &Somerville misfits

Now for the results

The Ladies:
1. Michelle McAndrew    SSAC          Somerville, MA     24:15
2. Kelly McCusker                     Somerville, MA     25:15
3. Sarah Melville       CitySports    Boston, MA         25:53
4. Susanne Conor                      East Hartford, CT  26:11
5. Catherine Cornell                  Somerville, MA     27:00
6. Beenie Eissner                     Somerville, MA     27:46
7. Patricia French      SSAC          Somerville, MA     28:06
8. Caitlan Macallister                Somerville, MA     28:35
9. Nicole Brighouse     SSAC          Cambridge, MA      29:50
10. Colleen Marinelli                 Somerville, MA     29:52
11. Elena Jacubiak      SSAC          Arlington, MA      29:49
The Gentlemen:
1. Darko Tomic          SSAC          Zagreb, Croatia    19:41
2. Ryan Richards                      Somerville, MA     21:49
3. Drew Buttner                       Somerville, MA     21:50
4. Matzi Neuber         SSAC          Boston, MA         22:12
5. Todd Hutchinson      SSAC          Stoneham, MA       22:38
6. Jim DuPont           SSAC          Raynham, MA        22:51
7. Jerry Shine                        Somerville, MA     23:36
8. Kevin Christian      SSAC          Dorchester, MA     24:28
9. Charlie LaRosa       SSAC          Revere, MA         24:45
10. Tony LaRosa         SSAC          Wilmington, MA     24:54
11. Jeff White                        Somerville, MA     25:15
12. Morgan Connor                     West Hartford, CT  26:14
13. Ron LeBlanc         SSAC          Lynn, MA           26:47
14. Steve Gray                        Wilmington, MA     27:07
15. Paul Watson         SSAC          Cambridge, MA      27:11
16. Michael Manoogian   SSAC          Somerville, MA     28:07
17. Greg Grant          SSAC          Dorchester, MA     28:47
18. Dave Brighouse      SSAC          Cambridge, MA      29:51
19. Brian Poli          SSAC          Lynn, MA           33:58
20. Jack Curtin         NMC           Cambridge, MA      36:03
21. Jim Dellano         SSAC          Somerville, MA     36:04
22. Freddie Kirk        SSAC          Woburn, MA         36:05    
Honorable Mention:   
1. John Nott            SSAC          Medford, MA         Easy Run
NMC= North Medford Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club