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Charles River Weekly 4-mile Fun Run

Cambridge, MA, October 10, 2003


Courtesy of Cambridge Racquet and Fitness Club

Charles River weekly 4-mile fun run. We meet at 6:00 at Cambridge Racquet and Fitness Club, 236 First Street, then walk to the start line on the river near the Longfellow Bridge. Click on the Somerville Road Runners banner above for info about other weekly runs.

Bob Etzel              Topeka, Kansas           26:57
Stephen Martin         Lynn                     26:57
Jon Suber              Lexington                28:29
John Gouzoules         Cambridge                28:41
Dale Smoak             Somerville               28:57
Fernando Santos        Charlestown              30:31
Michael Bourque        Milton                   32:22
Claudia Wagner                                  32:38
Nilesh Fandhi                                   32:48
Jeannine Matthews      Quincy                   35:00
Maeg MacKinnon         Allston                  35:59
Jim Sweeney            Boston                   42:00
unknown runner                                  42:00