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VFW Logan Post 3.299999999 Miler

West Somerville, MA, November 6, 2003


VFW James Logan Post 3.22?????? Miler

Hosted by the "Larger Than Life" Somerville Striders Athletic Club

It was a "Mc" kind of night tonight in Somerville and it's not even close to St. Patrick's Day........however the "Luck of the Irish" did come in handy tonight as Michelle "Mc"Andrew nabbed another Fall win in Somerville as did Ken "Mc"Williams..these two are not your normal champions like other's champions..these two are the 1st to offer their time to help out at club events..and they never leave an empty glass hangin' to long in ole Papa Clyde's hand....tell me who can match these kind of champions in New England??:>)

No let down in good cheer tonight after the "BIGGEST &BADDEST" Thursday Night in Somerville, Massachusetts road racing history last Thursday......the Harpoon Oktoberfest Blues Run &BBQ Bash was a smash, race wise and party wise--hmmm

And speakin' of good about next weeks VFW Logan Post Harvest Moon Couples Run..we plan to have "real" couples and "phony baloney" ones race against each other and then we will retreat to the cozy confines of the Post.turn down the lights, fire up the candles, lay down some Elvis Presley and all cuddle up and sip our cold Harpoons and dine on Theo's Pizza....see ya next week, if you can get out the door!!!

The Women:
1. Michelle McAndrew SSAC Somerville, MA 23:54 2. Kathleen Fidler Brighton, MA 24:34 3. Patricia French SSAC Somerville, MA 27:03 4. Jen Groskin Northhampton, MA 27:47 5. Sue Driscoll SSAC Newton, MA 27:48 6. Elena Jacubiak SSAC Arlington, MA 29:32 7. Sara Faccidomo SSAC Somerville, MA 31:02 8. Lauren Blanda Cambridge, MA 32:22 9. Tammy Simpson Somerville, MA 32:43 10. Kara Thomas Cambridge, MA 32:44 The Men: 1. Ken McWilliams KK Beverly, MA 20:35 2. Joshua Muller Brighton, MA 21:19 3. Todd Hutchinson SSAC Stoneham, MA 22:04 4. Larry Driscoll USACFRF Newton, MA 22:40 5. Matzi Neuber SSAC Boston, MA 22:43 6. Kevin Christian SSAC Dorchester, MA 22:57 7. Jerry Shine Somerville, MA 23:11 8. Ron LeBlanc SSAC Lynn, MA 23:35 9. Tony LaRosa SSAC Wilmington, MA 23:40 10. Eric Fish USACFRF LaSalle, Canada 23:55 11. Steve LaRonde Quincy, MA 26:25 12. Tom Ferzulo Quincy, MA 26:26 13. John Nott SSAC Medford, MA 27:25 14. Tim Mosehawer Key West, FLA 27:41 15. John Cragen LAC Lynn, MA 29:36 16. Steve Gray Wilmington, MA 29:37 17. Jim Dell'Anno SSAC Somerville, MA 33:15 18. Michael Manoogian SSAC Somerville, MA 33:16 19. Jack Curtin NMC Cambridge, MA 34:42 20. John Manoogian SSAC Somerville, MA 35:29 21. Brian Poli SSAC Lynn, MA 40:30 NMC= North Medford Club USACFRF= USA Clydesdale &Filly Racing Federation SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club KK= Kilkenny Kats