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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop, MA, November 15, 2003

This weeks results

Thanks to Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and the Friends of Deer Island and the GBTC

Wicked windy “weakly” 2

Wicked windy “weakly” 2.65 mile race

The wind whipped off Boston Harbor and shoved everyone past the mile. But on the ocean side even in the lee of the high hills of the island, the wind took back more than it gave away.


Public transportation to these weekly races is easy. Blue line to Orient Heights, then a bus through Winthrop to Deer Island that will deposit you within ten steps of the start and finish line all for a cost of less than your usual entry fee.


No entry fee for these races. We will go against the brutal weather all winter. We might even have a prize for those who navigate around the 2.65 mile perimeter loop in an ocean snow storm.


  1. Joe O’Leary, Medford, 15:14
  2. Mark D’Amico, Winthrop, 15:30
  3. Shane Sherwood, Winthrop, 16:42
  4. Dave Loutzenheiser, Cambridge, 17:08
  5. Gus Foley, Winthrop, 17:18
  6. Tom Derderian, Greater Boston Track Club, 20:09
  7. Cynthia Hastings, Greater Boston Track Club, 21:24