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Harvest Moon Couple's Team Relay

West Somerville, MA, November 13, 2003

The details

Harvest Moon Couple's Team Relay

VFW James Logan Post
1192 Broadway-Teele Square
West Somerville, Massachusetts 02144

Hosted by the "always seasonal" Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Another somethin' different tonight...and away we go into the late fall and soon to be winter slowly lookin' forward to the spring and the warm evenings-but until then we will be running the streets of Somerville, Massachusetts .through the wintry nights and then retiring to the comfortable confines of the VFW James Logan Post tantalizing our palates with the frosty taste of Harpoon Beer and the steaming hot pizza of Theo's Pizza amongst friends

See ya soon

Harvest Moon Couple's Team Relay:

1. Ossipee All Stars Hudson, NH 46:19 (Michelle McAndrew & Tim Fallon)

2. PJ Pounders #1 Somerville, MA 46:48 (Kelly McCusker & Jeff Dwight)

3. PJ Pounders #2 Somerville, MA 47:50 (Catherine Cornell & Drew Buttner)

4. Team L'Orange Raynham, MA 49:33 (Sarah Melville & Jim DuPont)

5. The Geezers Lynn, MA 50:18 (Patricia French & Ron LeBlanc)

6. Ralph & Alice Arlington, MA 51:45 (Elena Jacubiak & Todd Hutchinson)

7. Powderhouse Pounders Somerville, MA 53:47 (Daisy Scott & Jerry Shine)

The Lonely Ole Man 3.2 Miler:

1. Darko Tomic Cambridge, MA 21:20 SSAC 2. Kevin Christian Dorchester, MA 23:22 SSAC 3. Henry Walker Somerville, MA 23:28 4. Stephen Gray Wilmington, MA 27:20 SSAC 5. Michael Manoogian Somerville, MA 29:52 SSAC 6. Jim Dell'Ano Sudbury, MA 29:54 SSAC SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club