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Marsh Post "Spring Time" 2.6 & 5.2 Miler

Cambridge, MA, May 8, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the Alway's Blooming Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Groovy night on the "RIVER" tonight...even the race director got out there and ran...last time that happened the interest rates were above 10%...and YAZ bread was the rave of all New England boys!

No big battles tonight...well Nicole &Dave Brighouse continue to try and kill each other with Dave beating, I mean running faster than his wife Nicole tonight...wonder who took out the life insurance policy..we may need to know if there ever is a investigation!!

Teddy Norton popped in to take it to Jim Rhoades of Lowell in the 5.2 miler..but they tipped toed together most of the way..looks like Ted has gotten his legs back after a real strong run at this years Sheraton Hyannis Marathon..maybe next week he can give Darko Tomic a run for his money...cause Darko has been ringing up a bunch of wins lately and the RD may have to put up another C-Note soon to knock him down a bit:>)

Great showing from the ladies usual they all hung around and supported the Marsh kind of ladies:>)

5.2 Miler

The MEN:
1. Jim Rhoades        GLRR               Lowell, MA        33:00
2. Ted Norton                            Woburn, MA        33:01
3. Matzi Neuber                          Boston, MA        36:44
4. Freddie Kirk       SSAC               Woburn, MA        42:40
5. Randy Woods                           Arlington, MA     43:18

2.6 Miler

The Flowering Daisies:
1. Nicole Brighouse    SSAC              Rahway, N.J.        18:27
2. Amy Porter          BTT               Cambridge, MA       18:52
3. Michelle McAndrew   SSAC              Hudson, NH          19:17
4. Carol Spada                           Bridgewater, MA     21:37
5. Sue Driscoll        SSAC              Newton, MA          21:37.1
6. Patricia French     CSU               Somerville, MA      21:58
8. Rebecca Shoff                         Cambridge, MA       21:59
9. Kristen Miller                        Dorchester, MA      23:09
10. Amy Harris                           Boston, MA          23:19
11. Elena Jacubiak                       Somerville, MA      24:08
12. Linda Crusco                         Waltham, MA         24:31
13. Katie Calendar's Friend              Cambridge, MA       25:52
14. Katie Calendar                       Cambridge, MA       25:53

The Big Ole Oak Trees:
1. Darko Tomic         SSAC              Watertown, MA         14:59
2. Neil Caesar                           Watertown, MA         18:01
3. Larry Driscoll      USACFRF           Newton, MA            18:11
4. Bob Harrington                        Somerville, MA        18:24
5. Dave Brighouse      SSAC              Rahway, N.J.          18:25
6. Todd Hutchinson                       Arlington, MA         18:40
7. Charlie LaRosa                        Revere, MA            18:56
8. Mark Metz                             Cambridge, MA         18:59
9. Drew Buttner                          Plymouth, MA          19:16
10. Kevin Christian    SSAC              Dorchester, MA        20:40
11. Mark Deaguero                        Weymouth, MA          21:18
12. Matt Corcoran      SSAC              Weymouth, MA          21:23
13. Michael Manoogian  SSAC              Somerville, MA        21:47
14. BANDITTO                             MEXICO                21:50
15. Jeremy Chase                         Wilmington, MA        21:56
16. Dave Morse                           Cambridge, MA         21:57
17. Lt. Mike Avery     SFDRT             Somerville, MA        22:32
18. Greg Grant         SSAC              Dorchester, MA        23:08
19. Willie Teacher                       Watertown, MA         24:14   1st Race
20. Jack Curtin        NMC               Cambridge, MA         26:32
21. Greg Ernst         CCAC              Weymouth, MA          29:01

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
BTT=  Boston Triathlon Team
NMC= North Medford Club
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
GLRR= Greater Lowell Road Runners
SFDRT= Somerville Fire Dept. Racing Team
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation