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Marsh Post "May Day" 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, May 1, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the innocent till proven guilty Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Loads of Leominster, Dorchester, Somerville, Lynn, East Boston, Revere &Woburn runners tonight on the "very still" Charles River at the "homey" American Legion Marsh Post which is tucked in between the "toney" Belmont Hill Boat House &the "ties required" Cambridge Boat House...the fences are being built as you read..

First they said rain, then they said fog...the race director said "come on down, I hate to be alone" and a few did tonight for our 1st romp around the Charles River on Thursday nights...turned out to be a nice cool night to run that produced no new records...let's see what happens next week!!

The Married Gals:

1. Nicole Brighouse     SSAC      Rahway, NJ             18:09

The Hopelessly Single But Lookin' Gals:

1. Patricia French      CSU       Somerville, MA         22:09

The Gals With Guy In Tow:

1. Kim Black                       East Boston, MA       22:36
2. Amy Harris                      Boston, MA            24:07
3. Elena Jacubiak                  Somerville, MA        25:17
4. Linda Crisco                    Waltham, MA           25:38

The Mothers With Child In Stroller:

1. Liza Genovese         LAC        Nahant, MA            27:45

The Gals With Dad Taggin' Along:

1. Carla McGrath                    Peabody, MA           28:53
2. Sarah Conlin                     Arlington, MA         31:48

The Married Guys:

1. Paul Hennessey         LAC        Melrose, MA          16:55
2. Sal Genovese           LAC        Nahant, MA           16:56
3. Dave Brighouse         SSAC       Rahway, NJ           18:05
4. Charlie LaRosa                    Revere, MA           18:52
5. Freddie Kirk           SSAC       Woburn, MA           18:58
6. Ron LeBlanc            SSAC       Lynn, MA             19:31
7. Tony LaRosa                       Wilimington, MA      19:42
8. Jim Whittemore         SSAC       Leominster, MA       21:12

The Guys With Gal In Tow:

1. Todd Hutchinson                    Arlington, MA       18:47
2. Randall Woods                      Arlington, MA       20:29
3. Eric Larson                        Waltham, MA         22:36
4. Jeremy Chase                       Wilmington, MA      24:07

The Guys Still Waiting For The Next Bus:

1. Darko Tomic                        Zagreb, Croatia     15:19
2. Matzi Neuber                       Boston, MA          17:54
3. Brian MacQuarrie       BGT         Dorchester, MA      18:55
4. Brian Poli             SSAC        Lynn, MA            26:23
5. Jack Curtin            NMC         Cambridge, MA       26:58

The Guys Keepin' A Close Eye On The Daughters:

1. Joe DeLuca                        Peabody, MA          28:52
2. Jack Conlin     USACFRF            Arlington, MA       31:55

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale &Filly Racing Federation
NMC= North Medford Club
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
BGT= Boston Globe Trotters
LAC= Lynn Athletic Club