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Marsh Post "Cool Waves &Tasty Buds" 2.6 & 4.4 Milers

Cambridge, MA, May 15, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the venerable Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Third Thursday night on the Charles and we are still waiting for the sun to peak it's nose through the clouds and perhaps blow a little warm air out way...after 8 years of Thursday nights, ole Papa Clyde's bones are starting to get brittle and the signs of old age are showing--I'm ready for Spring and all that follows!!

And what follows last weeks Thursday night race on the Charles is this weeks.."Do You Think I'm Sexy" Women's Benefit Run &Walk...for a cause near and dear to me..the eradication of melanoma cancer which took a very close friend of mine a few years if your a lass with a pair of sneakers or a guy who wants to help out..come on down this Thursday night and run or volunteer and then join us in a little post race BBQ on the Charles River:>)

The Long One (4.4M)

The Ladies:

1. JJ Kelly               CCAC        North Chatham, MA          35:40
2. Rebecca Schoff                     San Antonio, Texas         44:04

The Men:
1. Salvatore Genovese     LAC         Nahant, MA                  28:57
2. Freddie Kirk           SSAC        West Peabody, MA            34:40

The Short One (2.6M):

The Ladies:

1. Nicole Brighouse       SSAC        Rahway, NJ                  17:48
2. Michelle McAndrews     SSAC        Hudson, NH                  19:09
3. Patricia French        SSAC        Somerville, MA              22:01
4. Amy Harris                         Boston, MA                  23:11.1
5. Sue Driscoll           SSAC        Newton, MA                  23:35
6. Sue Burns                          Somerville, MA              24:57
7. Liza Genovese          LAC         Nahant, MA                  26:31

The Men:

1. Darko Tomic            SSAC        Zagreb, Croatia             14:35
2. John Goodwin           B.A.A.      Hyde Park, MA               15:26
3. Scott Lundin                       Winchester, MA              15:30
4. Noel Robinson          SSAC        Kilcock, Co. Kildare, IRE   16:51
5. Bob Harrington                     Somerville, MA              17:57
6. Todd Hutchinson                    Arlington, MA               18:12
7. Dave Brighouse         SSAC        Rahway, NJ                  18:13
8. Charlie LaRosa                     Revere, MA                  18:46
9. Brian Kelly            CCAC        North Chatham, MA           19:17
10. John Lamb                         Westboro, MA                19:53
11. Paul Watson                       Cambridge, MA               20:24
12. Randall Woods                     Arlington, MA               21:15
13. Larry Driscoll        USACFRF     Newton, MA                  22:03
14. Pete Cleary                       Somerville, MA              22:36
15. Jeremy Chase                      Wilmington, MA              23:11
16. Lt. Michael Avery     SFDRT       Somerville, MA              23:54
17. Michael Manoogian     SSAC        Somerville, MA              24:58
18. Jack Curtin           NMC         Cambridge, MA               25:47
19. Brian Poli            SSAC        Lynn, MA                    26:08
20. Joe DeLuca                        Revere, MA                  26:32
21. Greg Ernst            CCAC        Weymouth, MA                28:41

LAC= Lynn Athletic Club
NMC= North Medford Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
SFDRT= Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale &Filly Racing Federation
B.A.A.= Boston Athletic Association