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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop/Boston, MA, May 10, 2003

Be sure to check out "A Midsummers Lights Relay" A night time relay with colored LED lights as batons

Thanks to Friends of Deer Island

Deer Island Weekly 2

Deer Island Weekly  2.65 miles,

Next week 5 km on the “A Midsummers Lights Relay” course.

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1. Tom Derderian, Greater Boston Track Club             16:27

2. Tammy Deeb, Winthrop,                                             18:09

3. Walter Drag, Winthrop,                                             20:01

4. Cynthia Hastings, Winthrop,                                 20:22

5. John Robertson, Lynn,                                        46:35

6. Tom Supple, Lynn                                                     46:35