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VFW Logan Post "Slip Sliding Away" 3.2438745 Miler

W. Somerville, MA, March 6, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the "Loads of Craic" Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The Thursday Night results are back...folks thought we folded up the tent and moved to a new forest...not on your life!!

Anyway, a wicked night an event promoter, I have looked to the heaven's many a day and night lately and have muttered.."ENOUGH"!!! however the show must go on and it did tonight with a showing of truly hearty folks who hung around till close to midnight tonight sipping good Irish tea and eating great girl scout cookies..thanks Paddy:>)

The Lass'es
1. Michelle McAndrew        SSAC     Hudson, NH           23:43
2. Patricia French          CSU      Somerville, MA       26:52
3. Michelle Burns           LSRC     Somerville, MA       29:21
4. Elizabeth Crowley                 Somerville, MA       33:07

The Lad's
1. Alex Filides             GBTC     Westfield, NJ         17:57
2. Chris Forti              HFC      Everett, MA           19:04
3. Darko Tomic                       Zagreb, Croatia       20:13
4. Billy Biscan             MYMCA    Malden, MA            22:51
5. Jerry Shine                       Somerville, MA        25:07
6. Jim DuPont               SSAC     Raynham, MA           26:47
7. Mike Manoogian           SSAC     Somerville, MA        29:20
8. George Hill                       Somerville, MA        33:06
9. Jim Sweeney              SRR       Boston, MA           35:58

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
MYMCA= Malden YMCA Racing Team
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
HFC= Hurtin Fer Certain
GBTC= Greater Boston Track Club
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
LSRC= L Street Running Club