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A Midsummer Lights Relay

Boston/Winthrop, MA, June 20, 2003

Team results

Thanks to MWRA, Friends of Deer Island, Harbor Alliance, Boston Harbor Islands National Park, Greater Boston Track Club, Art Gray

For a story and picture about this race, see A Relay Race With LED Light Wand Batons.

A Midsummer Lights Relay

A Midsummer Lights Relay

Deer Island Boston/Winthrop Massachusetts

June 20-June 21 From Sunset to Sunrise

3 mile legs teams of up to 10 runners


  1. Tiffany’s Greater Boston Track Club Team: 21 laps of 3 miles 89 yards completed before the first rays of sunlight broke over the Atlantic Ocean. Tiffany Thompson, Ericks Richters, Erin Cullinane, Maria Sun, Cynthia Hastings, Russ Miller, Tom Afrika, Nicole Ribichaud, Paul Hampshire, Ted Charette.
  2. Sea Side Striders: 20 laps, Winthrop: Bob Sarro, Terry Vazquez, Jamie Crowley, Jane Ettenhoffer, Ron Boucher, Paul Carruccio, Gina Gallo, Chris Saggasse, Warren MacPhail.
  3. Somerville Road Runners: 20 laps Gretchen, Wilson, Mickey Dauphinee, Kate Maul, Tim Maul, Tom Bowsher.
  4. Team With a Vision: 20 laps, Joe Quintnilla, Mike Garfield, Steve Buckley, Carol Fithian, Eleanor Murphey, Colleen Burns, Jennifer Gentile, Steve Scott, Jill Donnelly, Jeff Eikel
  5. Socially Unacceptable: 19 laps, Joe O’Leary, and friends
  6. Walker’s Runners: 17 laps, Tom Walker, Rob Datta, Nate Nemeth, Lisa Larity, Adam D’Ortona, Stan Wong, Danbiela DeSantis, Mary Booras, Christene Riley
  7. The Sweeney Team: 16 laps
  8. Ray Charboneau, 15 laps,  ALL ALONE! 46 miles in the dark!
  9. Street: 6 laps, Doug Simonton, Bob Famigletti, Eddie DiLorenzo, Bryan Doldt, Margret Bradley, Walt Drag, Tracey Luango, Hattie Derderian, Madiline Corona, Shannon Hagen.
  10. Tammy’s Highlanders: 6 laps, Roy Kratman, Jane Derderian, Stepahnnie Gaucher, Big Deeb and Little Deeb, 2 boys.
  11. John Ceeca, 2 laps,