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VFW Logan Post Thursday Night 3.21432869 Miler

W. Somerville, MA, January 9, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the off the wall Somerville Striders Athletic Club

"Cold, Rain & Snow"....but the boys of the Malden YMCA Racing Team are back and no one is happier than the "guy who really belongs on top of the fire hydrant"...

Dicey night out on the not so mean streets of Somerville tonight..but the troops came out including our new friends from the Boston Triathlon Team, whom are little by little making our little home away from home their home away from home....thats is what we are all eclectic mixture of fast, mid-pack, slowpoke, tri-stud, tri-studette and animal come on down some night even if it's just to try the pizza:>)

The Gals:
1. Michelle McAndrews           SSAC        Hudson, NH           22:50
2. Amy Porter                   BTT         Cambridge, MA        23:30
3. Kathleen Fidler                          Brighton, MA         24:20
4. Patricia French              CSNY        Somerville, MA       25:07
5. Sue Driscoll                 SSAC        Newton, MA           27:47
6. Rebecca Shoff                            Cambridge, MA        28:26
7. Jessie Rich                              Essex, MA            29:26
8. Kathleen Carr                            Somerville, MA       30:36
9. Rebecca Hurley                           Somerville, MA       30:37
10. Kristen Keating                         Somerville, MA       30:38

The Guys:
1. Darko Tomic                              Zagreb, Croatia      19:51
2. Rob Sczupak                  BTT         Natick, MA           20:57
3. Noel Robinson                            Kildare, Eire        21:03
4. Scott Lundin                             Southie              21:12
5. Ken McWilliams               KK          Kilkenny, Eire       21:35
6. Brendan McWilliams           KK          Kilkenny, Eire       22:49
7. Larry Driscoll               USACFRF     Newton, MA           22:57
8. Jim DuPont                   SSAC        Raynham, MA          23:10
9. Chris Forti                  HFC         Everett, MA          23:42
10. Billy Biscane               MYMCA       Malden, MA           23:45
11. Pete Cadwell                BTT         Roslindale, MA       24:29
12. Charlie LaRosa                          Revere, MA           24:36
13. Ron LeBlanc                 SSAC        Lynn, MA             24:45
14. Dave Brighouse              SSAC        Rahway, NJ           25:08
15. Tim Orcutt                              Arlington, MA        25:24
16. Tom Ostrander                           Saratoga, NY         25:25
17. Paul Hennessey              LAC         Melrose, MA          25:53
18. Mike Fitzgerald                         Lynn, MA             25:54
19. Jimmy Whittemore            SSAC        Leominster, MA       26:03
20. Freddie Bollen              SSAC        Swampscott, MA       26:10
21. Freddie Kirk                SSAC        Woburn, MA           26:11
22. Dave Morse                              Cambridge, MA        26:12
23. John Nott                   IATC        Medford, MA          26:46
24. Mike Thwiry                             Boston, MA           26:53
25. Michael Manoogian           SSAC        Somerville, MA       26:55
26. Mike Deaguero                           Weymouth, MA         29:42
27. Dave Joyce                              Dorchester, MA       29:51
28. Matt Tolson                             Dorchester, MA       31:36
29. Dennis Fardy                            Stoneham, MA         31:38
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
LAC= Lynn Athletic Club
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
KK= Kilkenny Kats
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
BTT= Boston Triathlon Team
IATC= Irish American Track Club
MYMCA= Malden YMCA Racing Team
HFC= Hurtin Fer Certain