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VFW Logan Post 3.2134234 Miler

W. Somerville, MA, January 30, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

You are the House Stud, you hold the VFW Logan Post 3.2134234 Miler course record at 17:07, and you almost died doin' it and then you find yourself at the starting line of tonight's VFW Logan Post 3.2134234 Miler - smack dab in the middle of the the 2001 U.S.A. National 100Km Champion &the 2001 Walt Disney Marathon Winner and right behind you to boot are a couple of up and comin' young whippersnappers older than you who also want your title..what's the House Stud gonna do??...he goes out and smash'es his own course record even if it get's him 2nd and then walks away holdin' his head the cheers and roar of the House!!

Congratulations to Hurtin' Fer Certain club runner - Chris Forti, who had a couple of fast twitch types enter his building tonight aiming to take him and his course record down and also grab a hold of the not-so-crisp $100 bill being waived to anyone who could knock Darko Tomic, champeen the past three Thursday nights..

Congratulations and another roar from the House as Chris Teague of the Greater Lowell Road Runners smashed the course record in a blazing speed of 16:143257 and Jim Garcia of Central Mass Striders holdin' down 3rd place firmly with a 17:26...

Congratulations to the Cape Cod Athletic Club who had three members run tonight, one being the Race Director of the Chatham 10Km in June....thanks for making us part of your Boston experiance...

Congratulations to Meredith O'Neil for taking a right and ending up at the right place even tho she started in the wrong place....and then being given a ride back to the start of the race she originally started, like all gentleman would do:>) See ya next week Meredith..

Congratulations to Jimmy, our personal were in excess of $125.00 tonight and he's worth every dime of it...

And lastly, Congratulations to all whom ran a "personal best" tonight--there were 7 of you...and "all thinking" that guys and gals sometimes get lost at a Papa Clyde race and anyone could have won tonight...and that not-so-crisp $100.00 C-Note:>)

The Ladies:

1. Michelle McAndrew        SSAC        Hudson, NH          23:39
2. Karyn Corcoran           SSAC        Weymouth, MA        23:45
3. Kathleen Fidler                      Brighton, MA        24:25
4. Janet Jordan             CCAC        Chatham, MA         25:47
5. Meredith O'Neil                      Who Knows           25:55
6. Jessie Rich                          Essex, MA           27:50
7. Michelle Burns           LSRC        Somerville, MA      29:28
8. Kathleen Carr                        Somerville, MA      29:44
9. Stephanie Schroot        SRR         Somerville, MA      30:52
10. Ilda Nelson             CRR         Bridgewater, MA     34:12

The Men:

1. Chris Teague             GLRR        Norwood, MA            16:14
2. Chris Forti              HFC         Everett, MA            16:47
3. Jim Garcia               CMS         Westford, MA           17:26
4. Josh Gordon              B.A.A.      Boston, MA             17:44
5. Frank Nelson             CRR         Bridgewater, MA        17:53
6. Darko Tomic                          Zagreb, Croatia        19:26
7. Dan McCarthy                         Foxboro, MA            19:51
8. Ken McWilliamns          KK          Dunmore, Kilkenny IRE  20:15
9. Tim Orcutt                           Arlington, MA          20:29
10. Matt Corcoran           SSAC        Weymouth, MA           20:38
11. Scott Lundin                        South Boston, MA       20:44
12. Brendan McWilliams      KK          Kilkenny, IRE          21:22
13. Matzi Neuber                        Boston, MA             22:30
14. Kevin Christian         SSAC        Dorchester, MA         23:33
15. Freddie Kirk            SSAC        Peabody, MA            23:35
16. Jerry Shine                         Somerville, MA         23:37
17. Matt Healey             SSAC        Somerville, MA         23:47
18. Tom Ostrander           HMRRC       Saratoga Springs, NY   25:06
19. Brian Kelly             CCAC        Chatham, MA            25:20
20. Larry Belliveau         CCAC        Chatham, MA            25:23
21. Charlie LaRosa                      Revere, MA             25:25
22. Tony LaRosa                         Revere, MA             25:26
23. Dave Morse                          Cambridge, MA          27:48
24. Mike Deaguero                       Weymouth, MA           28:18
25. Dave Joyce                          Dorchester, MA         28:40
26. Mike Manoogian         SSAC         Somerville, MA         30:49
27. John Manoogian         SSAC         Somerville, MA         34:03

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
HFC= Hurtin Fer Certain
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
B.A.A.= Boston Athletic Association
GLRR= Greater Lowell Road Runners
HMRRC= Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club
KK= Kilkenny Kats
CRR= Colonial Road Runners
LSRC= L Street Running Club
CMS= Central Mass Striders