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Somerville International 5Km

W. Somerville, MA, January 2, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the rascally Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Third race in a row for us whereby a couple has won both the women's and the men's race...what are the chances of this happening a fourth straight time next week...Michael Manoogian is taking all the under the table action as of midnight last night...

The Ponds may not be as frozen as they used to be in years gone by at this time of year but it is still cold out..speak to me about global warming and I'll ask you when was the last time you stood outside at night in January with a clipboard and a bullhorn taking down race was chilly tonight and icey.....and boy am I glad only 18 showed tonight:>)


1. Una McKeever         SSAC         Vienna, Austria      27:50
2. Patricia French      CSNY         Somerville, MA       27:51
3. Sue Driscoll         SSAC         Newton, MA           28:00
4. Jessie Rich                       Essex, MA            29:52
5. Michelle Burns                    Somerville, MA       30:24


1. Lionel Kervella      SSAC         Vienna, Austria       20:54
2. Scott Lundin                      Winchester, MA        21:50
3. Mathias Neuber                    Hamburg, Germany      23:22
4. John Nott            IATC         Medford, MA           24:28
5. Dave Morse                        Cambridge, MA         24:49
6. Jimmy Whittemore     SSAC         Leominster, MA        26:12
7. Mark Wolfgang                     Watertown, MA         26:38
8. Larry Driscoll       USACFRF      Newton, MA            28:01
9. Paul Watson                       Cambridge, MA         28:33
10. Buddy Hubert        SRR          Melrose, MA           29:06
11. Freddie Kirk        SSAC         Peabody, MA           30:12
12. John Manoogian      SSAC         Somerville, MA        30:14
13. Michael Manoogian   SSAC         Somerville, MA        30:25

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
IATC= Irish American Track Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union