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Logan Post "I Wanna Fly But I Can't Even Swim" 3.2143893678 Miler

W. Somerville, MA, January 23, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The four lovely ladies who had the guts to bare their bones to the cold tonight..tackled Darko Tomic later on in the evening wanting to know how he does it..."three wins in a row" and they found out...A BIG "S" ON HIS CHEST..under all those running clothes!!! 

But even SUPERMAN has a bad day every so often and next Thursday Night we are gonna find out how tough he really is..cause Papa Clyde-thats me is putting a not so crisp $100 bounty on his head...the 1st guy to beat Darko Tomic's winning streak next week walks away with 100 BIG ONES... and any gal who beats him get's a cool $25.00 and a freebie entry into the Sheraton Hyannis Half Marathon!!

And for the rest of you, who couldn't beat Darko even if he was only on one leg and some nights thats all he is...we offer a fun night of running and post race camraderie that can't be beat in the City of Somerville:>)


1. Darko Tomic                   Zagreb, Croatia                 19:52
2. Chris Forti        HFC        Everett, MA                     21:00
3. Ken McWilliams     KK         Kilkenny, Eire                  21:02
4. Scott Lundin                  Winchester, MA                  21:42
5. Matzi Neuber                  Boston, MA                      22:07
6. Brendan McWilliams KK         Kilkenny, Eire                  22:11
7. Larry Driscoll     USACFRF    Newton, MA                      23:06
8. Ron LeBlanc        SSAC       Lynn, MA                        24:25
9. Jim DuPont         SSAC       Raynham, MA                     24:35
10. Geoff Hull        MVS        Georgetown, MA                  25:52
11. Brian Kelly       CCAC       Chatham, MA                     26:30
12. Freddie Bollen    SSAC       Swampscott, MA                  29:20
13. Freddie Kirk      SSAC       Woburn, MA                      29:202361
14. Allan Foulds                 Reading, MA                     30:59
15. Michael Manoogian SSAC       Somerville, MA                  31:02
16. John Manoogian    SSAC       Somerville, MA                  31:19
17. Jack CONLIN                  Arlington, MA                   31:55


1. Michelle McAndrew  SSAC      Hudson, NH                       24:24
2. Janet Jordan       CCAC      Chatham, MA                      25:51
3. Sue Driscoll       SSAC      Newton, MA                       28:21
4. Anna Foulds                  Reading, MA                      31:04

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
HFC= Hurtin' Fer Certain
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale &Filly Racing Federation
MVS= Merrimack Valley Striders
KK= Kilkenny Kats