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Logan Post Thursday Night 3.21902318 Miler

W. Somerville, MA, January 16, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the up & coming Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Yet to get an American born man to win a 2003 Logan Post Thursday Night 3.21902318 Miler ...ya think a pattern is developing here..maybe the sport is going to the foreigners...what's happening, not enough fast twitch muscles in Somerville, perhaps a lack of hill training due to the elimination of Cobble Hill & Clarendon Hill at the turn of the last Century..this is a mystery only fit for famed author & Greater Boston Track Club coach Tom Derderian:>)

The Cookie Man showed up to night and as usual the Thursday Night crowd reached into it's pockets to support the cause..we're like that down at the Logan Post..always supportin' the good causes at all times and on our own doin'!!


1. Michelle McAndrew       SSAC      Hudson, NH           22:41
2. Nicole Brighouse        SSAC      Cambridge, MA        23:28
3. Sue Driscoll            SSAC      Newton, MA           27:32
4. Jessie Rich                       Essex, MA            27:45
5. Patricia French         CSU       Somerville, MA       SITHT


1. Darko Tomic                       Zagreb, Croatia      19:07
2. Dan McCarthy                      Foxboro, MA          19:36
3. Scott Lundin                      South Boston, MA     20:24
4. Ken McWilliams          KK        Kilkenny, Eire       20:41
5. Matzi Neuber                      Boston, MA           20:44
6. Brendan McWilliams      KK        Kilkenny, Eire       21:15
7. Dean Jackman                      Bedford, MA          21:32
8. Larry Driscoll          USACFRF   Newton, MA           22:11
9. Ron LeBlanc             SSAC      Lynn, MA             22:42
10. Matt Corcoran                    Weymouth, MA         22:43
11. Jason Yean                       Medford, MA          22:46
12. Jerry Shire                      Somerville, MA       23:11
13. Dave Brighouse         SSAC      Cambridge, MA        23:46
14. Paul Hennessey         LAC       Melrose, MA          24:26
15. Mike Fitzgerald                  Lynn, MA             24:27
16. Dave Morse                       Cambridge, MA        24:31
17. Gary Schnieder                   Franklin, MA         24:45
18. Jimmy Whittemore       SSAC      Leominster, MA       25:25
19. Freddie Kirk           SSAC      Woburn, MA           25:36
20. Mike Thwiny                      South Boston, MA     26:22
21. Matt Healey            SSAC      Somerville, MA       26:26
22. Geoff Hull             MVS       Georgetown, MA       26:57
23. Greg Grant             SSAC      Dorchester, MA       27:15
24. Michael Manogian       SSAC      Somerville, MA       27:16
25. Mike Deaguero                    South Boston, MA     28:45
26. Jack CONLIN                      Arlington, MA        30:08

MVS= Merrimack Valley Striders
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
SITHT= Slipped In The Hot Tub
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
LAC=Lynn Athletic Club
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation