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VFW James Logan Post 3.2 Miler

West Somerville, MA, December 4, 2003



VFW James Logan Post
1192 Broadway-Teele Square
West Somerville, Massachusetts 02144

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The old cliche "like father, like son" just aint true when it comes to the LaRosa Familia...ole man LaRosa has a good 20 years on the youngin' LaRosa yet the youngin' can't beat ole man LaRosa even when the ole man has been off for two weeks sunning down in Florida with the Mama Mia of the familia...Mama LaRosa

Nice little crowd tonight on a very chilly evening...thanks to members of the Somerville Fire Department Racing Team & Jack Curtin tonight with the Finish Line

Women: Amy Korn Cambridge, MA 23:31
Michelle McAndrew SSAC Somerville, MA 23:54
Sarah Melville CitySports Boston, MA 25:11
Catherine Cornell Somerville, MA 25:16
Lauren Blanda CitySports Cambridge, MA 27:50
Elena Jacubiak SSAC Arlington, MA 29:09
Patricia French SSAC Somerville, MA 36:58

Men: Joshua Muller CitySports Brighton, MA 21:28
Brendan McWilliams KK Arlington, MA 21:43
Todd Hutchinson SSAC Stoneham, MA 22:52
Drew Buttner Somerville, MA 23:45
Rocky Brighouse SSAC Cambridge, MA 23;53
Charlie LaRosa SSAC Revere, MA 25:30
Tony LaRosa SSAC Wilmington, MA 25:31
John Nott SSAC Medford, MA 26:20
Paul Watson SSAC Cambridge, MA 27:32
Stephen Gray SSAC Wilmington, MA 27:51
Ron LeBlanc SSAC Lynn, MA 36:55
Freddie Kirk SSAC Peabody, MA 36:56
Freddie Bollen SSAC Swampscott, MA 36:57
Brian Poli SSAC Lynn, MA 36:59
SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club
KK = Kilkenny Kats
CitySports = CitySports