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Somerville Fire Fighters 5Km

West Somerville, MA, December 18, 2003

Somerville Fire Fighters 5Km

VFW James Logan
1192 Broadway-Teele Square
West Somerville, Massachusetts 02144

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Loads of dignataries in-house tonight - past presidents of the Melrose Running Club- Erin Lynch & Nick Lamberti joined in on the running, drinking and pizza eating tonight!!! As well as retired Waltham Fire Fighter Eddy Noonan:>)

There is a smiling face in Nort' Carolina this evening as recently transplanted brother Ken peruses these results and see's that brother Brendan has finally taken home the gold - winning his first VFW Logan Post 3.2 Miler...and over last weeks winner Jerry Shine..who's Brendan? A Runner, Teacher, Brother, Regular Cat and a Great Friend:<)

And as usual, Ole Papa Clyde likes to wait until the end to give em' more space in his weekly running column...So Super Duper Congratulations to Amy Korn of The Republic of Cambridge..Amy slugged it out tonight whupping pal Lauren Blanda and beating her by a nano second and both overcoming a tough as nails and a bottle of Wild Turkey--Michelle McAndrew....what's a nano second you ask..I don't know you'll have to speak to Brendan McWilliams..he is the Scholar and Teacher down at the VFW James Logan Post?????

Well it's the end of another "Thursday Night" year in Somerville, Massachusetts...and it's been a great one as usual..ole Papa Clyde still fondly remembers the days when it was just he, Manny Arruda & Phil Keeley running the mean streets of Somerville all the way back in 1995 when it all began..yup 1995 and still going strong..who'd a thunk!!! Not many way back then:<)

The VFW James Logan Post 3.2 Miler is going fishing for the next two weeks..the Somerville Striders AC and it's friends are going to spend the next two Thursday nights with family and friends..celebrating the see you back at the Post on January 8, 2004...Same Bat Station, Same Bat Channell!!!

The Girls:
1. Amy Korn             Cambridge, MA           23:52
2. Lauren Blana         Cambridge, MA           23:53
3. Michelle McAndrew    Somerville, MA          23:57 SSAC
4. Janet Jordan         Chatham, MA             25:05 CCAC
5. Patricia French      Somerville, MA          25:14 SSAC
6. Elena Jacubiak       Arlington, MA           28:50 SSAC
7. Stephanie Schroot    Melrose, MA             29:06 SRR
8. Kim Root             Dorchester, MA          30:02
9. Erin Lynch           Melrose, MA             30:06 MRC
10. Kim Prudhomme       Saugus, MA              32:24
11. Kristen Silva       San Francisco, CA       32:25
12. Danielle Sheehan    Boston, MA              32:26
The Boys: 
1. Brendan McWilliams   Arlington, MA           20:32 SSAC
2. Jerry Shine          Somerville, MA          21:42 SSAC
3. Matzi Neuber         Boston, MA              22:07 SSAC
4. Tony LaRosa          Wilmington, MA          22:12 SSAC
5. Todd Hutchinson      Stoneham, MA            22:20 SSAC
6. Geoff Hull           Georgetown, MA          23:08 USACFRF
7. Nick Lamberti        Melrose, MA             24:30 MRC
8. Brian Kelly          Chatham, MA             24:31 CCAC
9. Freddie Kirk         Peabody, MA             24:52 SSAC
10. Charlie LaRosa      Revere, MA              24:58 SSAC
11. John Nott           Medford, MA             25:17 SSAC
12. Paul Watson         Cambridge, MA           27:35 SSAC
13. Dick Doran          Pembroke, MA            27:51 CCAC
14. Eddy Noonan         Waltham, MA             29:17 USACFRF
15. Steve Gray          Wilmington, MA          29:27 SSAC
16. Jim Dell'Ano        Sudbury, MA             30:07 SSAC
17. Mike Manoogian      Somerville, MA          30:08 SSAC
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
MRC= Melrose Running Club
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners