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VFW James Logan Post 3.2 Miler

West Somerville, MA, December 11, 2003

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VFW James Logan Post 3.2 Miler

VFW James Logan Post
1192 Broadway-Teele Square
West Somerville, MA 02144

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Gadzooks, Jerry Shine winning tonight!!! Who is he, well he is a BIG believer of the quote by someone important but I just can't remember right now.."showing up is 99% of the battle"...just ask Brendan McWilliams who didn't show up tonight, but is a scholar and you can be sure he knows who the quote is attributable to!!

Congrats Jerry, on your 1st time win...aint it nice to see a regular cat win once in awhile???? and while I'm congratulatin' a gent I might as well make note that Elena Jacubiak was a you know what a way from breaking 29..."chip timing of course"

Next week is our tribute run to the boys in red who keep Somerville safe...Somerville Fire Fighters 5Km which starts at the VFW James Logan Post and ends at the

Somerville Fire Department Engine 6 on Holland Street--if you played football you should be at this one cause it benefits the Somerville High School Football Team--


1. Michelle McAndrew Somerville, MA 23:12 SSAC 2. Patricia French Somerville, MA 26:20 SSAC 3. Elena Jacubiak Arlington, MA 29:01 SSAC


1. Jerry Shine Somerville, MA 22:50 SSAC 2. Jim DuPont Raynham, MA 23:03 SSAC 3. Tony LaRosa Wilmington, MA 23:38 SSAC 4. John Nott Medford, MA 26:36 SSAC 5. Todd Hutchinson Stoneham, MA 29:02 SSAC

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club