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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop, MA, August 9, 2003

Course Record is still 14:30 men, 16:12, women

Thanks to Art Gray

Deer Island Weekly 2

8/9/02-Deer Island Weekly 2.62 and possible multiples, but only once around on this warm, wet, humid morning at Saturday, 10 am starting from the gate at the end of Winthrop on Tafts Ave.  There is talk about running a half marathon on this week or next. See Cool Running schedule for details and contact.




1.    Gus Foley 18.34

  1.  Dan Daunais  19.03..
  2.  Bob Sarro  19.36
  3.  Roy Kratman 19.36
  4.  Al Drohan 22.55