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VFW James Logan Post-Somerville Strider AC Stronghold

W. Somerville, MA, April 24, 2003

Overall Results

Hosted by the rebellious Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Irish Eyes were smilin' tonight...not just on 3/16/03:>)...with the Logan Post lass's almost outnumbering the lad's and that doesn't happen as often as one would like...seems more folks showed up tonight just to share in a pint of Harpoon Ale then run tonight but then that's okay cause the Logan Post is always a place where everyone always knows your name...especially if you never reach into your pocket to buy a mate a beer!!

This is the last Thursday night Logan Post run till September...has been the chilliest Thursday nights since the 1995-1996 season, however the 2002-2003 season is now a wrap with many new warm friendships developed..a few records broke, a couple of bar tabs still owed and not to mention bets!!!

See ya down on the Charles aint free but then anything worth something never is:>)

The Ladies With The Lovely Lookin' Legs:

1. Nicole Brighouse      SSAC             Rahway, NJ              23:25
2. Sue Driscoll          SSAC             Newton, MA              27:13
3. Patricia French       CSU              Somerville, MA          27:14
4. Kate Ceurell                           Halifax, MA             30:14
5. Nairobi Tejada                         East Boston, MA         30:38
6. Meredith Grimes                        Carver, MA              30:39
7. Kerri Keane           MRC              Medford, MA             31:04
8. Deb Kriegsman                          Somerville, MA          31:05
9. Eileen Spearen                         Norwell, MA             32:15
10. Liz McNealy                           Marshfield, MA          37:40

The Men With The Hairy Legs:

1. Zach Blume           SRR              Medford, MA              17:35
2. Joshua Flanagan      WW               Somerville, MA           18:07
3. Darko Tomic                           Zagreb, Croatia          18:40
4. Tim Long                              Somerville, MA           18:47
5. Matzi Neuber                          Boston, MA               22:03
6. Larry Driscoll       USACFRF          Newton, MA               22:12
7. Charlie LaRosa                        Revere, MA               23:29
8. Jerry Shine                           Somerville, MA           25:36
9. Paul Watson                           Cambridge, MA            26:45
10. John Nott           IATC             Medford, MA              27:05
11. Jack Curtin         IATC             Cambridge, MA            34:01
12. Freddie Kirk        SSAC             Peabody, MA
IATC= Irish American Track Team
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
WW= Wheelworks Triathlon Team
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Team
CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
MRC= Melrose Running Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners