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Khourys 4.13 Miler

Somerville, MA, September 26, 2002

Overall Results

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Results courtesy of the Somerville Road Runners.

Thirty-four runners braved the elements and the mean streets of Somerville to tackle the mighty Winter Hill and the slippery streets that followed. Not one runner went astray; all arrived safely back at KHOURYíS STATE SPA, which is now OPEN FOR (FUNNY) BUSINESS. It's looking good in there, but a bit too bright with all those lights. Now you can actually see what everyone looks like. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing remains to be, uh, seen.


Women's Open
Carol Lahiff                                          Cambridge, MA  32:29
Jill "Zing!" Hibyan                                   Cambridge, MA  33:15
Cecilia Anneren                                                      33:34
Jennifer Jordan                                       Manchester, NH 34:04
Anne "The Canadian" Kavanagh                          Arlington, MA  35:02
Nancy Darish                                          Somerville, MA 35:14

Women's Masters Alison "Who Gave Me the Dribble Glass?" Berglund Charlestown, MA 36:20 Louise Rossetti Saugus, MA 54:30 (80+)

Men's Open Joe O'Leary Medford, MA 23:17 Fred Barney Somerville, MA 24:04 Daniel "D.A." Smith Somerville, MA 27:08 Mario Perez Revere, MA 27:14 Jim "Silky" Rhoades Boaz, AL 28:16 Kevin Guarnotta Somerville, MA 28:45 David "Don't Treat Me Like a Piece of Meat" LaValle Winchester, MA 30:36 Dave Brno Somerville, MA 32:17 Chris Blake Weymouth, MA 32:30 Stephen Signore Brighton, MA 33:20 Nathan Felt Somerville, MA 33:25 Brian Postlewaite Somerville, MA 33:26 Matthew Nudell Somerville, MA 33:29 Scott Stetson Boston, MA 33:49 Barry LaValle Lowell, MA 33:56 David Lane Portsmouth, NH 35:12 David Souza Allston, MA 39:35

Men's Masters Paul Hennessey Melrose, MA 27:29 (50+) John Goodwin Andover, MA 28:16 Bob "Here's a Dollar For Ya, Doll" Gamere Brookline, MA 33:18 (60+) John Gorvin Wilmington, MA 33:24 Lou Duval Winchester, MA 35:03 (50+) Stephen McAvoy Everett, MA 35:15 (50+) Steve "Try an FT Tonight!" Pepe Bedford, MA 39:34 John Robertson Lynn, MA 1:09:56 (70+) Tom Supple Lynnfield, MA 1:09:56 (70+)