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VFW Logan Post 3.2312467346 Miler

West Somerville, MA, September 12, 2002


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club


A lad from Vannes, Brittany mixed in with a group of gritty guys and gals from Somerville, Leominster, Woburn, Lynn, Charlestown, Watertown, Revere, Dorchester, Massachusetts..even tough Rahway, New the VFW Logan Post on a Thursday night....NOT the first time Lionel Kervella has muscled his way into a tough group of American boys & gals on a Thursday night...and mixed in!! Remember way back when he walked into the back of the ole Khoury's with a French song book in his hand and then proceeded to belt out French Resistance melodies until the wee hours of the morning....folks forget there was culture in East Somerville way before the fall of 1999:>)

A few viewings of Rocky I, II, III, IV & V and eventually you knew that Dave Brighouse would get the eye of the tiger and finally beat his sweetheart -Nicole at a Thursday night race..whether it be on the Charles, in Somerville or around their toilet..IT HAD TO HAPPEN and it did TONIGHT!!! and boy are we all she has to take him out to his favorite steakhouse and properly salute him!!

A really big show next Thursday night in Somerville....celebrating many a birthday at the Papa Clyde 40th Birthday Run & Bash with Friends...come on down and say happy birthday to Patricia French, Stephanie Schroot, Frankie Keane, Marie Kemp & Papa's a pot luck affair, so don't forget to bring something! Papa Clyde is partial to lasagna, so bring your very best if you decide to come-your invited!!

 Open Men:
 1. Josh Gordon                      Boston, MA             19:30
 2. Lionel Kervella       SSAC       Vannes, Brittany       19:31
 3. Mathias Nueber                   Boston, MA             21:15
 4. Todd Hutchinson                  Arlington, MA          22:51
 5. Rocky Brighouse       SSAC       Rahway, N.J.           23:30
 6. Larry Licklider                  Jamaica Plain, MA      Lost in Space
 Open Women:
 1. Nicole Brighouse      SSAC       Camden, N.J.           23:36
 2. Michelle McAndrews    SSAC       Nashua, N.H.           23:56
 3. Jessie Rich                      Ipswich, MA            30:32
 4. Jen Smith                        Watertown, MA          34:38
 5. Kathy Kearney                    Watertown, MA          34:39
 Masters Men:
 1. Kevin McWatters       ERC        Somerville, MA         22:25
 2. Dave Morse                       Cambridge, MA          25:58
 3. Mike Avery            SFDRT      Somerville, MA         27:28
 4. Dennis Fardy                     Weymouth, MA           Yet to be found!
 Masters Women:
 1. Patricia French       CSU        Somerville, MA         25:56
 Sr. Masters Men:
 1. Paul Hennessey        LAC       Melrose, MA             19:48
 2. Frankie Keane         IATC      Charlestown, MA         21:46
 3. John Grant            SRC       Medford, MA             24:04
 4. Charlie LaRosa                  Revere, MA              24:48
 5. Brian Poli            SSAC      Lynn, MA                29:41
 6. Jack Curtin           NMC       Cambridge, MA           31:59
 Clydesdales 190lbs.+:
 1. Larry Driscoll        USACFRF   Watertown, MA           23:59
 2. Jim Whittemore        SSAC      Leominster, MA          24:06
 3. Greg Grant            SSAC      Dorchester, MA          27:40
 4. Mike Hume             SSAC      Woburn, MA              31:05
 5. Freddie Kirk         SSAC       Woburn, MA              34:37
 SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
 USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
 CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
 NMC= North Medford Club
 IATC= Irish American Track Club
 SRC= Somerville Running Club
 LAC= Lynn Athletic Club
 ERC= Express Running Club
 SFDRT= Somerville Fire Deparment Racing Team