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VFW Logan Post Soy Bean Scramble

Somerville, MA, October 3, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

No time to breathe lately with so many weekend races that we have been 
involved with as a club that the SSAC decided to have a healthy Thursday Nite 
Run post race affair of soybean stir fry, natural squeezed pine tree juice 
and all-natural dandylyons smothered in organic honey..hmm tasty, healthy and week is when the SSAC get's it's karma back with the "CHI 
RUN"....a fun filled night of peace, love dove and hippy beads...Somerville 
will never be the same!!
Women Masters:
1. Patricia French          CSU        Somerville, MA       24:14
2. Tresa Libra-Casaletto               Medford, MA          29:06

Women Open:
1. Marie Kemp               SSAC        Jackson, MS        22:26
2. Michelle McAndrews       SSAC        Nashua, NH         24:01
3. Nicole Brighouse         SSAC        Winfield, NJ       25:04
4. Sarah Melville                       Ontario, Canada    25:05
6. Karyn Corcoran           SSAC        Weymouth, MA       28:19
7. Marie Gonzalez           SSAC        Boston, MA         29:27

Masters Men:
1. Freddie Kirk             SSAC        Peabody, MA        23:30
2. Brian Poli               SSAC        Lynn, MA           30:55
3. Jack Curtin              NMC         Cambridge, MA      32:04

Men Open:
1. Matt Corcoran            SSAC        Weymouth, MA       19:15
2. Jim Higgins                          Tewksbury, MA      19:47
3. Ron Heald                            Tewksbury, MA      20:10
4. Ken McWilliams                       Kilkenny, Eire     20:58
5. Mathias Nueber                       Boston, MA         21:49
6. Kevin Christian          SSAC        Dorchester, MA     22:27
7. Todd Hutchinson                      Arlington, MA      22:54
8. Larry Driscoll           USACFRF     Newton, MA         23:14
9. Dave Brighouse           SSAC        Rahway, NJ         24:41
10. Michael Manoogian       SSAC        Somerville, MA     25:13
11. Steve Mauras            SFDRT       Somerville, MA     27:20
12. Greg Grant              SSAC        Dorchester, MA     27:43
13. Jack Fitzgerald         SFDRT       Somerville, MA     28:02
14. Jack Cunningham                     Somerville, MA     28:03

SFDRT= Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Team
NMC= North Medford Club