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VFW Logan Post "Eye of the Needle" 3.21328428 Miler

W. Somerville, MA, October 10, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

 Not only is it a place "where everyone know's your name" but it's also a 
place where you wanna bring your kid's and grandchildren while you go for a 
run and then relax post race...Charlie LaRosa and the Mrs. were doing the 
granny thing tonight...but Charlie also had to get his run in...and where 
else can you do both and feel comfortable on a Thursday Night but at the VFW 
Logan Post...even Jimmy Whittemore agreed cause he brought down little Elisa 
along with the little lady, Amanda tonight..running and family--that's what 
it's all about except..... 

.....if your Ken McWilliams of Kilkenny, Eire and your gunning for your first win ever at a road race and you gothave a native German breathing down your back thinking the same bloody "phony Chi" up front tonight...blood and guts and not just on the XO side of the fence either...Fair Maiden Michelle McAndrew had to beat off a persistent Pat Galey in the early stages of the race and then breezed home with the win when Pat realized the beer wasn't any colder if she came in 1st or 2nd....thats how we like our women down at the VFW Logan Post...down and dirty and practical:>)

 Women's Open:
 1. Michelle McAndrews        SSAC              Nashua, NH             23:14
 2. Pat Galey                                   Somerville, MA         24:55
 3. Sarah Melville                              Ontario, Canada        25:13
 4. Carolyn Sheehy                              Fairbanks, Alaska      26:04
 5. Julie Ross                TE                Cambridge, MA          29:30
 6. Beth B.                                     Taos, New Mexico       29:33
 7. Ali Davis                                   Somerville, MA         29:38
 8. Jess Rich                                   Essex, MA              29:55
 9. Holly Vestal                                Boston, MA             32:57
 10. Marie Gonzalez           SSAC              Boston, MA             34:59          
 Masters Women:
 1. Patricia French           CSU               Somerville, MA         26:06
 2. Anna Foulds                                 Reading, MA            28:30
  Men Open:
 1. Ken McWilliams             KK               Kilkenny, Eire          20:52
 2. Mathias Neuber                              Hamburg, Germany        21:17
 3. Steven Sheehy                               Fairbanks, Alaska       24:35
 4. Mike Manoogian             SSAC             Somerville, MA          25:25
 5. Greg Grant                 SSAC             Dorchester, MA          28:38
 6. Jon Phelps                                  Watertown, MA           32:59
 Men Masters:
 1. Kevin McWatters             ERC             Somerville, MA          22:14
 2. Ron LeBlanc                 SSAC            Lynn, MA                23:07
 3. Charlie LaRosa                              Revere, MA              23:49
 4. Jim Whittemore              SSAC            Leominster, MA          23:56
 5. Alan Foulds                                 Reading, MA             28:12
 6. Brian Poli                  SSAC            Lynn, MA                31:40
 7. Freddie Kirk                SSAC            Woburn, MA              31:45
 8. Dennis Fardy                                Stoneham, MA            34:58