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Logan Post 3.218329046 Miler

West Somerville, MA, November 7, 2002


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

11/7/02 Logan Post 3.218329046 Miler VFW James Logan Post 1192 Broadway (Teele Square-the other square) West Somerville, Massachusetts Promoted, Hosted, Timed, & Cleaned Up by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club Loads of Big Dudes and Irish Lads and Lasses in-house'd a thought the Big Man Run VIII was happenin' 8 months early and back in Somerville...even had a few speedy Somerville Road Runner type in-house tonight who wrapped their skinny arms around "Big" Chris Shaffer of USA Clyde to make sure he stayed nice and tight in that 2nd place slot...oh well, Marie Kemp of the SSAC and "Ole Miss Cheerleader Squad" showed up again and when she takes more than skinny arms to take her down...her "can't be beat, won't be beat" mantra never really get's challenged!!

Fun Night down on the ranch tonight....and speakin' of the ranch--a regular Texas BBQ is happenin' next week in Somerville so grab your cowboy hat and come on down to next week's VFW Logan Post "100% Beef & Ale Run"...always something different happenin' down at the Logan Ranch..some places, things nevah change.

  The Ladies of the Evening:
  1. Marie Kemp              SSAC         Ole Miss           21:56
  2. Michelle McAndrews  SSAC         Hudson, NH      23:02
  3. Patricia French          CSU           Somerville, MA  26:40
  4. Jessie Rich                                 Essex, MA        24:20
  5. Sue Driscoll               SSAC         Newton, MA      28:19
  6. Mary Ellen Suprenant              South Boston, MA   29:17
  7. Elizabeth King                            Somerville, MA    29:34
  8. Kerry Keane              MRC          Medford, MA       30:58
  9. Maria Guerra                               Quincy, MA        31:12
  10. Sue O'Hearn                             Melrose, MA       40:25
  The Mr. Hyde Division
  1. Don Berney         SRR           Cambridge, MA         19:20
  2. Chris Shaffer      USACFRF    Framingham, MA       20:28
  3. Mark Hemenway  SRR           Melrose, MA              20:53
  4. Ken McWilliams   KK      Dunmore, Kilkenny, Eire     20:55
  5. Stephen Robinson   IATC       Kildare, Eire                21:07
  6. Mathia Neuber                      Boston, MA                21:22
  7. Peter Eliopolous   GLRR        Lowell, MA                 21:23
  8. Kevin Christian      SSAC       Dorchester, MA           21:36
  9. Dave Fudge          GLRR        Dracut, MA                 21:44
  10. Tim Orcutt                           Arlington, MA             22:36
  11. Larry Driscoll   USACFRF    Newton, MA                22:57
  12. Ron LeBlanc     SSAC         Lynn, MA                    23:20
  13. Kevin McWatters  ERC        Somerville, MA             23:56
  14. Mike Levin                           Sharon, MA                23:37
  15. Brendan McWilliams KK   Dunmore, Kilkenny, Eire   23:58
  16. Dave Morse                       Cambridge, MA              24:45
  17. Russ Monk                         Malden, MA                 26:38
  18. Brian Bell                           Chelmsford, MA            27:45
  19. Fred Rayne                         Chelmsford, MA           28:20
  20. Ryan Hanna                     Watertown, MA               28:47
  21. Pete Cleary                         South Boston, MA        29:15
  22. Lee Monk                           Tewksbury, MA            29:25
  23. Matt Clement                      Somerville, MA             29:35
  24. Mike Manoogian  SSAC       Somerville, MA             30:28
  25. Lt. Mike Avery    SFDRT       Somerville, MA            30:29
  26. Freddie Kirk        SSAC        Woburn, MA                30:53
  27. Jim Dell'Ano        SSAC       Somerville, MA             30:54
  28. Greg Grant          SSAC       Dorchester, MA           31:12
  KK=Kilkenny Kats
  SSAC=Somerville Striders Athletic Club
  USACFRF=USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
  CSU=Cambridge Sports Union
  SFDRT=Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
  IATC=Irish American Track Club
  ERC=Express Running Club
  SRR=Somerville Road Runners
  MRC=Melrose Running Club
  GLRR=Greater Lowell Road Runners