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VFW Logan Post Thursday Night 3.214329856 Miler

West Somerville, MA, November 21, 2002


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

  VFW Logan Post Thursday Night 3.214329856 Miler
  1192 Broadway
  West Somerville, MA -Teele Square
  Hosted by the 
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Cool Waves, Tasty Buds & Theo's Pizza mixed in with a little sneaker speed smoke tonight...HFC stud Chris Forti finally made it back home tonight after a long time away Buddy the Beagle in him thats for sure and not showing one bit of speed loss--youth allows this..and Don Berney continues to show that being 45 years old doesn't quite put him in the ole folks home...

So many ladies tonight I'm not sure which one I should talk about...probably Jessie Rich who travels a fair bit to get to us every Thursday....and as the calendar day's pass us by so does she..getting faster and faster all the time..Dang she is getting fast and she is fun!!!

There is a bit of a lull right now...but up and coming on the SSAC calendar are a load of new, fresh and creative races that you may want to check out..see ya soon at the Marsh Post Charles River Sleigh Ride Brunch Run:>)

  The Ladies of Somerville
  1. Michelle McAndrew       SSAC      Hudson, NH          23:10
  2. Kathleen Fidler                             Brighton, MA       24:02
  3. Sarah Melville                  Burlington, Ontario, CA    25:48
  4. Patricia French      CSU                Somerville, MA     27:10
  5. Terri Shipley                                Seneca Falls, NY   27:13
  6. Jessie Rich                                   Essex, MA             27:22
  7. Anne Marie Shipley                     Seneca Falls, NY   27:14
  8. Sue Driscoll        SSAC                Newton, MA           27:57
  9. Rebecca Hurley                           Somerville, MA      28:10
  10. Kristen Keating                          Somerville, MA      28:11
  11. Kathleen Carr                            Somerville, MA      28:12
  12. Michelle Burns                           Somerville, MA     30:32
  13. Debbie Fichtner   LSRC             Charlestown, MA    30:33
  14. Kim Prudhomme                       South Boston, MA   32:10
  15. Kristen Silva                              Chelsea, MA           32:11
  16. Danielle Sheehan                     Somerville, MA       32:12
  The Men of Somerville
  1. Chris Forti             HFC               Everett, MA               17:36
  2. Don Berney          SRR               Cambridge, MA         19:30
  3. Ken McWilliams   KK          Dunmore, Kilkenny, Eire   20:32
  4. Chris Shaffer      USACFRF         Waltham, MA            21:14
  5. Mathias Neuber                          Boston, MA               21:25
  6. Tim Fallon                                 Somerville, MA         21:27
  7. Drew Buttner                             Plymouth, MA            21:48
  8. Jorge Villafuerte                       Waltham, MA             21:11
  9. Brendan McWilliams  KK   Dunmore, Kilkenny, Eire   22:16
  10. Kevin McWatters   ERC           Somerville, MA           22:54
  11. Ron LeBlanc        SSAC          Lynn, MA                   22:55
  12. Matty Healy                             Somerville, MA          23:14
  13. Dave Morse                             Cambridge, MA         24:48
  14. Mark Wolfgang                       Watertown, MA          25:14
  15. Jim Whittemore   SSAC          Leominster, MA          25:15
  16. Steve Mauras    SFDRT           Somerville, MA          25:44
  17. Freddie Kirk       SSAC            Woburn, MA              25:49
  18. Mike Manoogian  SSAC          Somerville, MA          25:50
  19. Ryan Hanna                            Watertown, MA          26:17
  20. Paul Watson                           Cambridge, MA          26:36
  21. Neil Cullen                              Medford, MA              27:12
  22. Larry Driscoll   USACFRF        Newton, MA               27:58 
 SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
 USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
 CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
 ERC= Express Running Club
 KK= Kilkenny Kats
 HFC= Hurtin Fer Certain
 SFDRT= Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
 LSRC= L Street Running Club
 SRR= Somerville Road Runners