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Charles River Ramble "Dupe Double Loop" 5.2 Miler

Cambridge, MA, May 23, 2002

Overall Results

Hosted by the Somerville Striders

Loads of local color and running history on the Charles River tonight...the 
legendary weekly race "Fresh Pond" founder Ben Fudge's son Dave Fudge was in 
attendance along with the caretaker for the past 12+ years..Fresh Pond race 
director Phil Keeley ....both toeing the line at an even more impressive 
piece of real estate in local running lore..the American Legion Marsh Post 
which hosted the famous "Cambridge 12 Miler from on the look 
out for a to be announced "special night" at the Marsh Post in memory of many 
of the great races held there as well as a memorial to Fred Brown of the 
North Medford Club who hosted many of the handicap races there ...

Now I got to mention some of the young folk like Matt Corcoran who has been in Witness Protection Program preparing for his big dual with Ken Yanowski of Houston, Texas on June 8th at the Big Man Run VII "The Gauntlet" .....appropriatly named "D-Day on the Dunes" !!! in Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Matt popped off a 33 flat for 5.2 miles, however he is gonna have to run much faster than that if he is not gonna let happen to him, that which happened to Vinnie Kotowski in 1999...and thats be dethroned of his Big Man Run title!! Guess who dethroned Vinnie in 1999??....what goes around comes around:>)

 Clydesdales (190lbs.+):
 1. Matt Corcoran            SSAC          Weymouth, MA         33:00
 2. Chris Shaffer            USACFRF       Framingham, MA       36:52
 3. Larry Driscoll           USACFRF       Newton, MA           41:06
 4. Jim Dellano              SSAC          Sudbury, MA          47:49
 5. Freddie Kirk             SSAC          Peabody, MA          47:50
 6. Greg Grant               SSAC          Dorchester, MA       47:56
 7. Dave Joyce                             Dorchester, MA       51:21
 8. John Manoogian           SSAC          Somerville, MA       57:38
 Men's Open (0-39 y.o.):
 1. Peter Eliopoulos         HSR           Lowell, MA           33:35
 2. Dave Fudge               HSR           Grooveyland, MA      36:37
 3. Dave Brighouse           SSAC          Cambridge, MA        39:08
 4. Chris Lehr                             Watertown, MA        48:45
 5. Matt Tolson                            Boston, MA           49:23
 6. Jon Phelps                             Watertown, MA        54:00
 Masters (40-49 y.o.): 
 1. Jimmy DuPont             SSAC          Raynham,MA           36:39
 2. Dave Morse                             Cambridge, MA        40:51
 3. Mitch Keating            LSRC          Wakefield, MA        49:01
 Sr. Masters (50+ y.o.): 
 1. Frankie Keane            IATC          Charlestown, MA      38:40
 2. John Grant               NMC           Medford, MA          40:04
 3. Phil Keeley              NMC           Everett, MA          46:09
 4. Brian Poli               SSAC          Lynn, MA             47:44
 Women Masters (40+):
 1. Diane Meuser                           Brookline, MA        44:51
 2. Maryellen Suprenant                    South Boston, MA     48:14
 Women Open (0-39 y.o.):
 1. Marie Kemp              SSAC          Jackson, MS           37:11
 2. Nicole Brighouse        SSAC          Cambridge, MA         38:53
 3. Michelle McAndrews      SSAC          Nashua, NH            41:45
 4. Patricia French         CSU           Somerville, MA        41:46
 5. Nicole Catronuova                     Brookline, MA         43:03
 6. Sue Driscoll            SSAC          Newton, MA            45:29
 7. Holly Vestal                          Boston, MA            53:59
 Charles River Ramble 2.6 Miler
 Women's Open (0-39 y.o.):
 1. Joanie Kelly                          Belmont, MA           18:58
 2. Marcella Norton        NTE-RR         Woburn, MA            21:20
 3. Kristen Silva                         Brighton, MA          21:28
 4. Sarah Anderson                        Portsmouth, NH        22:40
 5. Deb Brendenmuehl       SMRC           Arlington, MA         25:13
 6. Jessica Rich                          Watertown, MA         25:14
 7. Deb Bird               SSAC           Somerville, MA        26:46
 Women's Masters (40+ y.o.):   
 1. Susan Yellope          CRR            Brockton, MA          28:52
 Men's Open(0-39 y.o.):
 1. Renny Waldron                         Cambridge, MA         14:07
 2. Andy Sivia                            Boston, MA            15:13
 3. Craig Keefe                           Watertown, MA         16:54
 4. Ted Norton            NTE-RR          Woburn, MA            18:03
 5. Warren Hunter         GBTC            Brighton, MA          19:00
 6. Paul Watson                           Cambridge, MA         19:57
 Men's Masters (50+ y.o.):
 1. Jim Murphy            GSH             Somerville, MA        16:56
 2. Dennis Fardy                          Stoneham, MA          24:26
 3. Elvis Bird            SSAC            Somerville, MA        25:03
 4. Jack Curtin           NMC             Cambridge, MA         27:43
 5. Tom Yellope           CRR             Brockton, MA          28:30
 SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
 USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
 GSH= Greater Springfield Harriers
 GBTC= Greater Boston Track Club
 NMC= North Medford Club
 CRR= Colonial Road Runners
 IATC= Irish American Track Club
 SMRC= Smartmouth Running Club
 LSRC= L Street Running Club
 CSU= Cambridge Sports Union
 HSR= Hockamock Swamp Rat